Winning the 6/49 more often

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    There is a way to win smaller prizes more often. You do this by picking 30 Numbers with no repeats. Pick 6 Numbers then pick another 6 Numbers then pick another 6 Numbers. You do this five times and you will leave nineteen numbers that you haven't picked. Each of your five numbers set are all different with no numbers repeated.

    I win ten dollars more often than my Dad does because he picks repeats.

    You will have 2 Numbers right more often.

    You will have numbers right more often but they will probably be likely on different tickets.

    You may get six numbers right but they will likely be on different tickets so you win nothing.

    I had three numbers right once and my dad had three numbers right. We both won ten dollars. The prize was 48 million dollars. My three numbers right were different than my dads. Incredibly we had picked the winning number if both my dads 3 numbers were combined with mine three numbers we would have won the 6/49.

    Don't pick numbers in sequence like 1,2,3,4,5,6 Its very rare to win this way even small prizes.

    So pick your own numbers with no repeats on your other numbers and You will win ten dollars more often than if you have repeats. I win ten dollars more often. Sorry I can't tell you mine winning numbers.