Why did the Separatists want to kill Padme?

Discussion in 'Star Wars' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Dec 9, 2014.

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    What was the reason that Viceroy Gunray and the separatists leaders were trying to kill Padme?

    It doesn't seem to make sense. She was leading an opposition to prevent the creation of an army for the Republic, which would be great to the Separatists, because they would have no one to oppose their droid army...

    Instead of supporting Padme, they are eager to kill her. Why? What's their motivation? What's their goal?

    Is it just revenge for her victory in the battle for Naboo, or is it something else?
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    Because of Palpatine. It was all part of his plan. First he created a crisis, promising to help the Trade Federation if they started this blockade. But in actuality the only thing he was trying to do with this crisis was to create sympathy for Naboo in the Senate and he knew how Padmé worked and how with a little encouragement she would move for a vote of no confidence against Chancellor Valorum, so he could take his place. At the end of Episode I, the only person who won was actually Palpatine. John Williams even highlights this point in the music at the parade, which is actually the well-known theme of the Emperor, but instead done in a major key. That was the whole point of everything. Palpatine was using the Trade Federation as much as he was using Padmé, those in the Senate etc...

    The Separatists only wanted to kill Padmé after that because the Trade Federation were still genuinely upset that she foiled them. You can see in the arena scene how desperate Nute Gunray is to see her die and it's just because of personal revenge. Perhaps Palpatine was in favour of any attempts against her, because she was causing problems concerning his desire to create an army of the Republic, but I don't think her voice on that subject was strong enough to stop his plans anyway. As you can see he already had an army in place. And created the crisis which brought the clones into play.

    Ultimately everything you see in the prequels is the work of Palpatine and his masterplan. Even if other players against the Republic had their own agendas. Palpatine knew how to use those to his own advantage. And in the end as you saw with what happened on Mustafar he cut off all of those links without hesitation. The Trade Federation, the Banking Clan etc... were no longer needed. And so he removed them from the board.

    There is even the angle of Anakin. It is clear that Palpatine got his claws in him very early on. Even by Episode II it is clear they know each other very well. The attempts on Padmé's life may also have been 'allowed' because of Anakin's attachment there. Palpatine had his tendrils everywhere and on everything. The prequel trilogy is actually a hero's journey in reverse for Palpatine. It's a victory story but for the worst possible character lol