Who want to be a divinity?

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    A few days ago, as I was taking the buss, an idea struck me. What would it be like to be a novell style god. It did not linger for long, but as I was wayting for the buss to get back home some hours later, it returned to me.

    So, after working for on it for a bit, I decided to thrust it up for generall mulling.
    I propose to make a RP where players are actually gods, who have near unlimited powers and can create their own races of worshipers, and later, also lead them in wars with the worshipers of other gods.

    The main (and only) rules would be that no god can affect another god, that the strength of the god depended on his or her or its worshipers, and that everything must happen within the confines of one single world (planet) and it's moons and such.

    Of course, someone should be there to represent the universal chance (it would be rather dull if every single thing that happened was an act of one god ore another) and some else should be there to represent the free will of sentient creatures of the world.