Who should I kill off of these characters and who should be the Murderer in My book?

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    Okay, I am writing a murder mystery about a world summit taking place at one of the characters houses, but one of the characters is poisoned and everything spirals out of control after that. Each Character is a representative of a country.
    So far, the list of possible characters:

    Toris- Lovable, sweet, a bit nervous and hates to disappoint people, but has a nasty side if you are mean to him. I;m trying to stay away from him since he is the main 'suspect' of the murderer, as he was serving the drink that poisoned the norwegian representative. Quote:
    "I-I don't understand! All I added to his drink was Vodka and some of the herbs! Y-you have to believe m-me!"

    Aiden- A bit cocky and sarcastic but nice to his friends and loyal. He likes to act like he's perfect but has a real sadistic side and lashes out at even his friends sometimes. The world summit takes place at his house. Hates to admit it when he's wrong.
    "Take a chill pill would ya? You don't have to act all high and mighty towards me."
    "Oh please, if we have you cook dinners, we might all start dropping like flies!" (To Simon about his terrible cooking)
    "So unprofessional you two! How about everyone calms down and at least tries to act civil? We are here to prevent World War III not cause it in my living room."
    "And enter creepy psychopath." (about Ivan)

    Simon- Cynical and sarcastic, he loves to crush peoples unrealistic hopes and is the first one to tell you you're wrong. He has a grudge with Aiden, but can't seem to hate him no matter how hard he tries and doesn't really like to be social, but never misses a chance to criticize anyone. He doesn't warm up to people until he knows them really well.
    "If you refuse to hold the world summit at my house, at least answer the door the first time one of your guests knocks!"
    "Oh save your breath Christophe. I would rather scratch out my ears than listen to you drone on about how your life has been."

    Lucas- The jerk of the book, he really is indescribable, except that he loves to show off his talents and make fun of other people for their mistakes. He was a good friend to the first victim, the norwegian, hates Roderick and showed signs of depression after the Norwegian was poisoned. Some of his quotes:
    "You can never follow basic rules can you Ivan?"
    "No one per say, but I'm not one to miss a party, especially not one with potential wars." (Aiden asked him who let him into his house)
    "Those two? They might be on their way...if Puffin-Boy stops dragging his feet for once and doesn't stop at every other Target to get some trivial thing. He's so slow all the time and Svienn likes him to much to leave him behind. I don't even consider Iceland a Scandinavian country, but there goes Svie treating him like he's the best thing since sliced bread." (talking about Iceland and Norwegian representatives when asked if they were coming)
    "When did he get here? He's going to ruin the party!" (about Roderick)
    "Svienn! You finally got a back-bone! what caused this miraculous event to occur! (about the norwegian)
    "What are you going to do? Wait until someone else I care about is murdered to start doing something?!"

    Roderick- Harsh and unforgiving, he is precise to the point. He doesn't make mistakes and chastises everyone else for their personality, wealth, ect. He gets along well with the Swiss Representative and hates to result to violence, and would prefer to fight through words. He plays the piano and looks down on people with no musical talent.
    "Sorry if I am not to your liking Mr. Elstine. I don't need your approval to live, as you think everyone does, and to answer your question, I got here around the same time as Vitus, or the Swiss representative, as I know plenty of you have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet. Then again, you probably didn't notice him either." (Directed at Lucas)
    "And the French aren't? You are a very stereotypical person, Mr. Dubois." (at Christophe)
    "You haven't changed a bit have you, Lucas? Always the selfish, spoiled brat who couldn't share. Such a shame. You used to have potential for actually being productive. A waste really."

    Ivan- The tallest and physically strongest out of the group, he can be quite intimidating and scary, to those who know him and those who don't. He doesn't mind turning to violence but would prefer not to. He carries a small pistol with him at all times, even though it usually doesn't have any bullets in it. He is usually very kind, but can come off as insensitive at his lack of the ability to read the emotions of others.
    "I'm sorry. Maybe this wouldn't happen if you stopped stalking people from doorways."
    (a short conversation between him and Simon)
    "Hello Ivan. Was your plane from Russia late?" Simon asked
    "Da, and then I ran into cars on the way here." Ivan said, frowning slightly.
    "You mean you hit traffic?" Simon said insistently.
    "No...I ran into cars..."

    Christophe- A man who could charm the socks out of a pair of iron boots, he thinks he is all that and believes in love over war. A bit of a romantic though he doesn't have a large amount of friends, but likes to think everyone loves him. He is self-centered and often makes comments about how he looks so much better than everyone. He hates Aiden but wouldn't mind being friends with Simon, though his feelings are not reciprocated.
    "Sacre bleu! Don't be so rough!"
    "I'm surprised he didn't, personally! Aren't the Austrians known for being flashy?"

    Tino- Sweet but he hates to dissapoint people, and is upset about always being overlooked and not being part of the meetings normally since he is so easy going and doesn't show his dissapointment at being left out. He is friends with the Swedish representative and usually speaks for him as well. he needs someone to calm him down when he panics otherwise he'd probably have a heartattack since he freaks out a lot and can't calm himself down. Usually very cheerful.
    "We came together to save time....but Elias almost crashed the rental car three times in the last block...."

    Heracles- Quiet and always thinking about something, but he usually comes off as quite stupid to the others since he says the wrong thing when he tries to talk. He loves to think about mysteries of the past and philosophy, but doesn't get in the way of the other representatives much and would prefer to just be off playing the piano or reading. He doesn't like to fight and usually tries to smooth over other people's fights when they occur, but usually ends up making things worse.

    I am thinking about making it Aiden, and having him set up video cameras with Simon to 'catch the murderer' (it was Simon's idea and Aiden didn't want to seem like the killer so he said yes) and when one of them is killed, it is caught on tape. The killer is wearing a mask and when the character who is the murderer turns around and starts to take off the mask, Aiden turns off the tape, which Simon is confused about. Aiden then produces a knife and kills him, apologizing but saying he 'knew too much about the mystery' as Simon pleads for his life. This would be the last murder before the killer was found out by the others. This scenerio would only happen if Aiden was chosen as the murderer because of the 'shock factor' since Aiden and Simon were just starting to collaborate.

    I also need help deciding who else is going to be murdered in the book. I am thinking of two or three characters besides the first murder and the Killer's murder. The characters above are all game.