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    FULL NAME: Piers Destrae
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 30
    OCCUPATION: Information gatherer/Safe house operator for the Spymaster of Rekethal.
    HOMETOWN: (at present) in Tanith, close to the border with Rekethal in a large city currently running a tavern named “The Demons Whip” in a market district well known for its underground dealings.
    SKILLS: Well versed in all aspects of “normality” adept at appearing inconspicuous and blending in with his surroundings. As with all engaged in spy craft, he is familiar with petty criminal acts such as sleight of hand, pick pocketing etc. Quite good at reading lips and people’s expressions, hand gestures etc. Sexually ambiguous, and uses sex and love as a weapon in order to gain what is needed. Usually relies on his wit and charm to disarm most situations, however if pressed he is quite capable in unarmed combat or knife throwing. Has a disdain for the heavy weapons of war and will only pick them up and use them in an absolutely desperate situation.
    LIKES: The high life and its associated perks.
    DISLIKES: The fact that he lives a lie, and is denied these things in order not to betray his persona,
    CLOTHING: Plain everyday wear of his profession, simple white shirt of indiscrimate quality, under a well worn leather jerkin. Greenish/brown breeches and quality well made boots, which appear cheap and rough by his deliberate scuffing and staining of them.
    WEAPONS: Usually his manner of speech, or brilliant wide smile. However if the need calls he always carries a brace of throwing knives on his upper body, and one in each boot. A more than competent and capable proponents of unarmed combat as well. But he definitely has a penchant for knives.
    RELEVANT HISTORY: The firstborn of a minor noble on the borders of Rekethal and Tanith, his family were ardent supporters of Rekethal. His father’s death in minor border skirmish on his ninth birthday fostered an intense hatred in him for Tanith and all it stood for. As his age was too young for him to take on his fathers mantle, his Uncle was appointed regent till he came of age.
    His Uncle proved a foul craven man with unnatural desires, and made his and his family’s life a nightmare. As the conflict escalated and Tanith war parties constantly raided the area, his uncle reneged on his oath to Rekethal and changed sides, sensing this his best chance of retaining the title he had grown used too.
    However a major battle in the area secured the province for Rekethal, and his family’s betrayal (even though it was entirely his Uncles fault) was exposed. The ancestral titles and lands were stripped from them, and the entire family and retainers etc were cast out penniless to whatever fate befall them. The uncle however disappeared in the chaos after the battle and has not been seen since in Rekethal.
    The then twelve year old boy was taken into the service of the Councils Spymaster, due to his unique knowledge of the borderlands and hatred of the Tanith. Trained over the years in this craft, his resentment of everything grew, and his once haughty arrogant nature of the nobility, transformed into a twisted sadistic streak, that he was only too happy to express. A series of well executed missions early in his career brought him to the attention of the Grand Spymaster, and he was sent deep into the Tanithan capital on a delicate operation. Little is known of what occurred but a spate of unsanctioned murders and worse, almost brought the spy masters operation and the Tanith capital spy ring to an end. As one of the few survivors, he was relegated to a lesser role outside the main cabal, resulting in his current posting.
    Height – 5’ 10’
    Weight – 176
    Eye Colour – Deep Sea green, intense but lifeless, devoid of caring.
    Hair Colour – Black, but very closely cropped at present. Always clean shaven.

    Has no major visible scars or injuries. Have a few minor marks on his arms and chest from altercations mainly with patrons. However on his left side of his chest, under his arm there is a long (5 inch) scar, which appear to have been made with a knife.
    His body is quite sinewy and muscular, and his reflexes are very sharp. He often tries to hide this fact by deliberately slowing his actions in public and wearing looser clothes to indicate a paunch.
    Very well schooled in all mannerisms of society and military technique. Very approachable and welcoming to those who appear to be of noble stature, yet slightly aloof and arrogant at the same time. Openly displays a somewhat flirtatious, almost sycophant in style at times when pursuing a mark, be it male or female. Despite his love of the art of seduction, he appears to be incapable of forming any emotional attachment with anyone.