which narnia sword,Lion witch and wardrobe

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    Hi, This is my first post here. The site seems to have quite a following. Can someone help me out a little? I need to come up with a lion the witch and the wardrobe Prince Caspian sword for a gift. I recently purchased a Pakistan velvet handled version that is being sent back to eBay. What a mess...The cheap velveteen handle was all torn up. So other than the $200-$300 disney authorized version, are any of the other replicas any good
    ? Thus far from the data I can find there are several versions including the previously mentioned, one shorter with no lettering on blade, one that resembles the one I am returning but with no fuller, one that has smooth verry dark red handle. I read some info a while back that had initials for the mfg. but not being familiar with the various mfg.s I was at a disadvantage. Help! Thanks CCC