What type of leather should I use?

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    welp heres me 2 cents

    my past mistakes are free, yours will cost you money, I work in veg tan and harden it as part of my main product that I craft for a living.

    a EXCELLENT source of scrap vegtan is www.brettunsvillage.com , they have two subsites goto the leather site. tell Churchhill that Shane sent ya ;)
    cuirboilli ie hardening leather via submersion ns hot water or wax..... I strongly suggest you DO use beeswax, accept no substitutes! beeswax is fairly inexpensive. go here ....

    3.60 a lb.

    get yerself a five gallon pot and a 1 gallon pot, place a steel object or other heat resistant item to prevent the inner pot from touching the bottom of the pot. place about 5 lbs of beeswax in the inner pot, USING A FUNNEL pour water between the inner and outer pots so that the water is 2/3 the way up. set on high heat until the wax is FULLY melted. then set on low, do NOT use open flame, use a electric plate or hot plate. again DO NOT USE OPEN FLAME.....DO NOT USE OPEN FLAME..... !!!!!DO NOT USE OPEN FLAME!!!!!!. ok? its dangerous to the point of earning a darwin award of stupidity.
    soak your veg piece in water * called casing* , shape it and let it dry. DO NOT use a oven let it air dry, it changes the structural integrity of the fiber. once your peice is dry soak it in the wax for about one - three min. let it dry. viola hardened leather.
    hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to email me via my site
    Yours in Service
    Shane Stainton