What makes you believe?

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I have a list of these names
    Of all these women that rather play games
    They have no clue what they want or need
    So they hurt the one's that bleed

    I'm sober for now
    Don't ask me how
    I realize why I did what I did in the first place
    Was to erase the emotions I had to face

    Like why people do not do what they say
    They crush you then walk away
    Stretching the truth, which is a lie
    No my dear I am not the typical guy

    I won't give you a black eye
    Shatter your heart as you cry
    Steal the very money you work for
    With in this damaged soul, I know you are worth more

    Friends and family can be like the same
    Which is a shame
    A painful state of mind
    Which is so common to find

    Can we all stop and go in rewind?
    No I'm not what you think I am, be surprised what you find
    See the drugs were my release
    From a world that lives behind walls barely monitered by police

    I was in a fantasy land, to some degree I still have a place there
    A place where I hide and few ever dare
    I'm getting better one step at a time
    To never escape or recover would be my ultimate crime

    Yet I do not want to be aware of a world that is so cold
    Truth be told