What is in my head

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Things have not gone as planned
    Answers I seem to demand
    2 people who cannot care for this child
    Yet could do the action to create it, my rage is beyond mild

    A man is supposed to take care of the family
    He seems so pathetic and lazy to me
    No car, license or food for his child and girl to feed
    This is not some made up story for you to read

    This is my life
    A girl who settled for a moron and won't make her his wife
    So my mother and the rest of us will raise him well
    May this man and his family rot in hell

    They are poor and live off the system
    How can my sister even be living with them?
    She was smart, talented and had a future so bright
    Her destiny was to make a left but she made a right

    My day has been destroyed in more ways than one
    I suppose I was jinxed before the rising of the sun
    With in my heart I know I could not do this to a woman or a child
    Despite my delusions and insane conclusions that are very wild

    Fate is a powerful word most do not understand
    It can kill millions with just the swipe of it's hand
    You do wrong and test it's power
    Then you shall suffer greatly by the minute and hour

    So go ahead be selfish and not be a father to this wonderful kid
    Walk away and never come back you son of a bitch, you lost your bid
    To my sister well you failed to take care of your self
    As you put your future and health on a shelf

    Sadly you will pay for this and not in currency
    You will die and your sons graduation you will never see
    I am your older brother and his uncle Mike
    Who will teach him to be a champion and how to ride a bike

    He will run races just like me
    I will be there for him for eternity
    In the future he will need me be the there
    Since you will be just a spirit floating in the air

    You both may love him but you are not there for him like I am
    I believe your efforts are not worth a damn
    My mother should be a grandmother not the woman raising him
    Honestly I wish I could yell at you both but the chances are grim

    As my fire with in me would rip apart the man who refuses to give his all
    I'd send him back to his owners in pieces and call it a item recall
    Yes I feel this way and nothing can take it away
    If I did that then I would abandon a promise to him that I would always stay