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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Love is what I quest for, then I found you
    I thought this was a story meant to be true
    From the first time I looked into your eyes
    Deep inside I did realize

    The beauty of you my dear
    A girl I wanted to be so near
    The drive was worth it, just to see you smile
    Made 6 days of waiting to see you worthwhile

    Every rose and every flower
    Given to you was from my heart, the feelings will never sour
    Nor can I ever forget
    Our first kiss, never to regret

    I dedicate this to you
    Memories will stick to me like glue
    The last person I think of in the night
    I’m sorry I could not make things right

    Just to be in your arms, kiss your lips
    Touch your fingertips
    I thought you were the one, still you can be
    Never will I be over you even if you choose not to see

    Potential is a word and a feeling that shall forever exist
    Something that could be, if you spot it in the foggy mist
    Well I seen it with you, so I refuse to see anyone new
    I doubt you feel like this, an I don’t expect you to

    I gave you my all
    Never bracing my fall
    I made my mistakes I recall
    No mountain is too tall

    We could have overcame somethings……