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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    So is it the count down to see you?
    I'm looking forward to seeing your face, girl it is so true
    With in every text and every call
    You are the person I wanted to see after all

    Pictures of you on my phone
    You look so lovely, truth be known
    I don't play no games
    I promise you I won't call you any names

    We can learn about each other with time
    In my mind taking things slow is not a crime
    It makes my day to make you laugh and smile
    Every moment of talking to you is worth while

    You care, you are aware and you worry about me
    I notice this as I clearly can see
    A heart of gold you possess
    Someones best you deserve and nothing less

    As minutes and seconds slowly pass in the night
    I am talking to you and only you tonight
    Honestly I would not have it any other way
    You are something else, what can I say?

    Oh I almost forgot I even got you something from my trip
    As I racked up the tickets in the arcade, I busted out the whip
    My mind was on you as I told you about all the tickets I won
    If we keep talking to each other, I think something special may have begun