Westeros Wars - Status of the Seven Kingdoms

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    Please do not post in this thread. Please post any new updates in the OOC thread.

    Also, due to the rapid number of developments per day, I'd really appreciate it if someone is willing to recap the highlights and post it in the OOC thread, and also send me a PM if I miss one by accident.

    If you are inactive in this RP for 3 days running (just post in the OOC thread, whatever), I will send you a PM; if there is no response by the end of the week, whichever kingdom you hold will be up for grabs again.

    Current Kingdoms and their Rulers
    Casterly Rock: Crusader
    Storm's End: kakashi17
    Dragonstone: LyannaWolfBlood
    Winterfell: Liadan
    Highgarden: Kakashi
    Riverrun: Nynaeve
    The Eyrie: Appaliq
    Sunspear: Imrhien
    Pyke: Meteorain
    Sellswords (Details needed): Senekha
    The Wall (Night's Watch): StarTrooper3000

    Under Attack
    King's Landing has been taken by 5000 Targaryen men. There, they construct defences and build up supplies. The first contingent of footsoldiers sent arrives.
    15,000 lannisters have reached the Blackwater Rush. They prepare to attack KL, sending men to ready battering rams and seige equipment.
    3000 Tyrell men have arrived at KL.
    2000 heavy cavalry attacking the Tyrell host as they aproach the city. 1000 archers follow, guarded themselves by 700 spearmen.
    Tully men (250 archers, 300 cavalry and 450 foot soldiers) march to the Targaryen and Tully hosts.
    5000 Lannister men and assorted siege equipment attacking Riverrun.
    The Lannister, Tully, and Tyrell hosts have engaged in battle at KL. The Targaryens have joined the fray, attacking the Lannister host with archers. See the RPG thread for details.

    Garrisoned Areas
    The Wall currently has enough brothers to man 10 castles.
    The Neck has been reinforced with four hundred archers.
    200 archers manning the walls of Riverrun.
    Highgarden reinfoced with 750 men.
    Sunspear has been reinforced with 2000 men.
    10,000 Arryn foot soldiers move to the Bloody Gate.

    Men on the Move
    2000 Lannister men sailing South.
    5000 Stark men marching to Lannisport to set sail for KL.
    A 1000 Greyjoy footmen set sail in longboats from Harlaw to the shores just off Oldstones.
    Highgarden sends 1,000 archers and 1,000 foot towards KL by ship.
    Ravens have been set from the Watch to every House in Westeros.
    Brothers of the Night's Watch have been sent to Winterfell and Deepwood Motte and surrounding settlements to personally deliver details on the situation.
    Targaryen ships cross the Blackwater, hoping to bring the Tully and Tyrell forces into the city without them having to fight the Lannisters.
    Stark ships carrying sellswords sail towards Dragonstone.
    1000 Greyjoy men make shore just off Oldstones and begin marching towards Fairmarket, heading also for Oldstones within their final destination.
    7000 Dornish foot soldiers sail to KL to join with the Tyrells and Tullys. 2000 archers await Targaryen ships, and 3000 cavalry head for KL.
    The Tyrells call for 5,000 more calvary and 2000 extra men.

    Number of Men
    Still to be determined.
    City watch: 4400
    Nights Watch - 589

    And this is what I have found on Westeros so far.

    Jaime had 12,000 foot and 2-3k horse. Tywin had an army roughly 20k strong, of which 9k was horse. That gives 11-12k horse and 23k foot, for a total of 35k with a rather remarkable 1.9:1 foot to horse ratio. And Ser Stafford was raising another host, say 15k strong, for 50k -- but that last part was the sweepings, as they said, and left the various castle garrisons very weak. GRRM says the Lannisters are the second strongest in land strength, and I suspect this is primarily because the wealth allows them to have a very large mounted force. Also, the pikemen and City Watch from Lannisport are very well trained, probably the most disciplined feudal foot levy in the Seven Kingdoms.

    Finally, he also puts them pretty high in strength at sea, and they've largely recovered from the burning of the fleet in Lannisport. The Lannisters have 20 or 30 cogs, carracks, galleys, and dromonds at Lannisport, and can call their various coastal bannermen to bring ships (each has 2 or 3 to patrol their waters, plus maybe three-six longships).. Say they⦣8364;™ve got 50 or 60 big ships in total, presuming they'd retain longships for the purpose of coastal defense while the big craft are on the offensive. We suspect that the Farmans of Fair Isle probably provide a decent percentage of the bannerlords' share.

    The Lannisters and Starks have concluded an alliance. Details are not to be disclosed.
    The Targaryens, Tyrells, and Tullys are allied. Details unknown.

    Still Open
    Minor seats: Too many to count
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