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Discussion in 'General Weapons & Armour' started by swordsman, Aug 9, 2003.

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    Ok guys an explanation is necessary. We had a loss of all the forums yesterday during the changeover to a new script. I hate like hell for the first post in here to be bad news right off the bat, but it has to be done. The problem was out of our control so I guess we have to roll with it.

    Here is what I propose to do. I have lots of plans for Middle Earth weapons. And will work this board with passion when I can begin to work it. We have lots of announcements and news to give you when I return. BBB's involvement here with its fans has just become more important than ever before. However the problem is I will be in the hospital starting Monday for at least a week recovering from surgery. I will not be back in the saddle with the forum until I recover from my surgery. I can not start today, because I need time this Saturday and Sunday to spend with my wife and family.

    Meanwhile, here is what I am asking you as fans. Pull together & get this forum started up. Let's get going and do it with a new and fired up approach. All moderators will remain the same unless we have lost someone due to the change. I guess what I am trying to say here is that I am depending on you guys to get this forum off to a great and new exciting start because it is just not possible for me to do it due to circumstances. I hope to find out just what kind of fan base we really have here at Middle Earth Weapons. I need your help like at no other time. I hope when I return and view this forum that I will see what my heart wants to see, and that is a new and exploding Middle Earth Weapons forum unlike any other anywhere! It is only with your interactivity that this forum even exists in the first place, and only you can make it a success. In short I am depending on you guys. So lets rock this thing right and do it in style!!

    Until next week


    P.S. feel free to contact me until Monday. And I am looking forward to watching what goes on this weekend.