We Hear You...

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    They stand rise against the rising tide,
    Waiting to sweep Assad aside,
    Their faces are painted shades of blood, tears, and dust,
    We have forsaken them, so who else can they trust?

    Their skies have turned to ash,
    Marching over fields of broken glass,
    Waiting, praying to God that their time comes soon,
    Outnumbered and outgunned, they march to certain doom...

    Legions of faceless killers, backed by Moscow and Beijing,
    Against thousands of withering legends in the making,
    Quiet no longer, if we don't help them who will?
    Their hearts are iron, but they are of flesh, not steal...

    Stand strong and say a prayer for the ones we lost,
    This is the price we pay, this is freedom's cost,
    Black, white, and green, bear your burden true,
    The Army of the Free, will surely make it through...

    Not a matter if, only one of when,
    For a new era of restoration to begin,
    As the ashen sky fades to blue,
    We all know, we'll all make it through...