Warfare 2.0

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    Alright so as you all know I'm into more modern/future fantasies anyway

    The idea is that we have two sides, neither one is truely plain good or evil but instead view things differently.

    The Situation: Not so far in the future, the world is just one big, gory crimespree. Murder, rape, and buglery rates have risen to heights so far that people have begun to panic and take the law into their own hands. This just messes things up even more. The governments of all the nations have chosen some of their brightest people to come together for a few meetings and two sides are quickly formed.

    The Sides:

    One side the New World Protection Order's (NWPO) idea is that if strict control laws against warfare, gun control, ect. is enforced world-wide then the world would be a better place.

    The opposing side is another organized group called the Global Freedom Association (GFA) thinks the world should be left as is and that if strict laws are enforced even more then the chaos of the world will skyrocket even more.

    The Cause: At each meeting, more and more preassure are the two groups to decide something and one during one particular meeting tempers flar from both sides and a fight broke out. Seeing as how even civilized diplomats can't settle things peacefully, the two sides take up arms to settle once and for all who will get there way.

    Now: The war has just started and each side is recruting anyone they can get their hands on. Both sides have nearly equal strength, funds, and the such.

    Quick brainstorm. Do you think it'll fly?
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    For a successful RP you need a focused storyline, as it is theres not much to work with and although freedom is good, any story needs direction.

    Right now, just the conflict as is, isnt focused enough, try choosing a scenario to start with. That said I still think the premise is too broad, add a bunch more detail, that should help things.