Wake of Alterac (Custom WoW Server Roleplay)

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    Wake of Alterac is a World of Warcraft RP-PVP project which embodies player freedom and puts players first. It’s main aim is to deliver unique, immersive and enjoyable role play experience. It is a project which gives players a chance to forge their own stories in this custom world and allow others to have a chance to partake in them.

    It is the year 582 by the King’s Calendar - ten years before the First War, to be precise. The Kingdom of Alterac stumbles along a sluggish path to recovery in the wake of a brutal Civil War, tensions still running deep amongst the feuding Houses that fought for opposing sides in the conflict. The downsides of Alterac’s current state did not stop there, as the Kingdom faces an existential threat in the savage frost trolls lingering in the East. And yet despite this grim outlook of the Kingdom’s future, there still exists a part for you to play in this story. What path will your character take in the Kingdom of Alterac?

    Within this vast and bloody world the player can expect to forge and interact with player-made factions with it’s own custom lore and community. Perhaps you wish to join the proud Rivermen of the Thondroril, or would a roving Stromsman suit you better? Of course you could always forge your own destiny and create your own group, what you do with it is in your hands. The various player lords have a grim responsibility in their hands. They must manage their county well or it will fall to ruin. Will you join their retinue? Or will see to it they crumble from within?

    With a setting featuring such a violent kingdom, the combat had to do it justice. This is why that on Wake every player is attackable. It will be up to the players to maintain order the counties or if they prefer they can bring chaos to the lands with banditry, murder and other crimes. Additionally, combat is effected by a number of RP-orientated features such as balanced stats reflecting your character’s power, armour having meaning as well as the ability to loot the dead for the spoils of war. All of this enables PvP to be a positive experience for players which will enable dynamic play and an immersive world.

    Completely open and custom made world - hidden secrets, references to past iterations of the server, custom buildings and objects making it more serious in tone than regular Warcraft. Resembles a whole new game

    In Wake of Alterac, You can take on the role of a monster character where you can ambush and attack other unsuspecting players roaming Alterac Mountains. As a monster you have two simple options to chose between, either you hunt or you get hunted.

    Wake also boasts custom, never before seen equipment such as medieval armour, weaponry, cloaks, furs and surcoats. The boundaries were broken when our developer created armour that not only looked authentic, but fit with the Warlords of Draenor models perfectly. There are hundreds of pieces equipment available to the player which not only creates depth to the world, but it also gives Wake a unique identity which can make it seem like a whole new game on occasion.

    Thanks to our hard working development team, we at Wake have a fully custom profession system which has been specifically tailored for Wake and it’s players. Players are encouraged to play more common roles such as tradesmen who may go out and try to make their fortune or perhaps skin animals and sell them in towns. Inspired off of the Mount and Blade style background systems, players are able to choose their background upon creating their character which will determine their profession and character stats.

    We at Wake host a community and staff who can take a joke, users will be treated on a more personal level and you will be able to feel more like a proper member and actually apart of something instead of a nameless or unknown person. We will never refuse a player who wishes to roleplay within a group as long as there is a good reason for you to join!

    In conclusion, we at Wake are a growing server with new unique registrations on our forums coming daily. We rely on our player base as you all know a server is nothing without its players. We hope you give our server a try and enjoy what we offer, there is a ton of information on the forums if you wish to learn about the server below!

    Thanks for reading!

    If you want to know more leave a comment or sign up and ask on the forums. www . wakerp . com / forums