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    Is it true what they say, that words cut deep,
    That well placed sentence can put you to sleep,
    Six foot under, into the cold dirt and earth,
    Hanging by a thread between death and birth...

    No matter what, take up your cross and start stepping,
    You have something in your chest that's the greatest weapon,
    So many cliches about war and battle,
    All cliche until you actually get rattled...

    Shaken down, stirred up, like the fire of the Holy Ghost in your bones,
    Suddenly, on top of the world, kings fall off of ten-thousand thrones,
    A fire in your marrow, heat behind these eyes,
    Trumpets sound out of cloudy, eastward skies...

    Those rooted in the world will stay there,
    Then there's the rest of us up in the air,
    Everything gets turned upside down,
    Everyone gets their very own crown...

    Swords shatter shields, serpents are sent out,
    The unknowns whisper, rip out the doubt,
    Take a leap of faith and never land again,
    Don't break, don't budge, don't even bend...

    Hood down, fists up, prepare for a fight,
    Defend what's yours, brawl for what is right,
    And remember, even when your vision gets blurry,
    Suffer for a season, this body is only temporary anyway...

    Go ahead, cut me open, see what's inside,
    It'll be a wild ride at the turning of the tide,
    Be by my side or stand in front of the marching army,
    There's nothing you could ever do to harm me...