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    NAME: Waenlotien Silverleaf


    RACE: Elf/ Wizard

    APPEARANCE:5'10. Slightly slanted emerald green eyes. a quick smile, and long red hair (very uncommon for an Elf)

    ARMOR: Wears leather armor that has chainmallie attached on the inside, to give her and edge in stealth and quiteness. (her link don't clink LOL)
    She carries a sword that was given to her by the great druids of time. It has <power> but she must speak a name to bring it to life. It also has a dagger that comes from out of the handle. She also carries a bow, as all good Elves do. She also has a bandolier of throwing knives, made of Moonsilver.

    BACKGROUND:Waen's mother was an Elf noble. She had been out at the seaside one day, when she was tragically raped. This causing her to become pregnant. Come to find out the Wizard was the evil Brandibuish. Waen's mother hid her from him. One day he found he had a child, though he knew not if it was male of female. He went back to get his child. The mother had sent her away that summer to train in the art of her magic. When Waen returned home, she found her mother had been killed.
    Waen vowed a vengance oath. She went back to Elysium to find the Wizard who had done this. She knew it would be her father she killed, yet that was no matter to her. Her mother was gone, her only family and known source of love. So he would die too. Eventually he did. Along her travels Waen had entered the Dragonfrost Forest. There she learned from the trees on medical lore. They taught her alot and she ran through a few Orcs along the way. Darn them for chopping down a tree so lovely.

    COMPANIONS: She travels with a horse given to her by Galonia. A gift for her strength during her traning phase. It was Galonia that Waen was with when her mother died. The horses name is Valhourn. She is also a friend to a great Eagle name Irakundiel. A name that Waen had heard it called by a Wizard, a Wizard who she had killed. The Eagle had been a captive and Waen freed it. They befriended each other. Neither expected anything from the other, they were just there when things were bad for each other.
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