Vigilantes... PG13

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    A bunch of guns for Higher,
    Sing songs in the church choir,
    But we see the world burnin', the streets on fire,
    This ol' world turnin' and all the local politician's a liar,
    So step from white, step into the gray,
    Take part of the fight, run into the fray,
    Make the thugs, those who slew drugs, pay,
    With ski-masks,
    We ride fast,
    Put your ass on blast, your punk-ass down on broke glass,
    And that's just on the first past,
    Dead meat, fed to our dogs, shot, or gassed,
    Bring all y'all's friends along because this wrath was built to last,
    First come, first serve; get served up like supper at six or half past,
    Fly y'alls' flags at half mast, your crew's gettin' cut,
    You're down to half your cast,
    Now put'm on the fast-track,
    As I rap fast,
    Take out the trash,
    Hands over our hearts while y'all holdin' your c--ks,
    Leather vests over bulletproof vests, while we're holdin' our Glocks,
    Jack boots laced up over these socks,
    Riding on two or four chrome wheels,
    Drive-by's on anybody cutting deals,
    This is quick justice served up fast like Happy Meals,
    Do in seconds what the system couldn't do in years,
    Make the streets safe, a family place,
    Wipe out any shade of shady folk, brown, black, orange, or any "Master Race",
    Wet a Blood, smoke a Crip, a magnum slug right through that Nazi's face,
    All manner of human waste, all they're doing is wasting space,
    So what we do ain't right, but is it really wrong?
    In your heart-of-hearts you wished we'd been doing this all along...
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