Venger versus Tiamat

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    Venger was the brooding diabolical warlock from the fantastic realm of dungeons and dragons, guided wisely by the shrewd Dungeon Master and explored and navigated by a group of young Americans who were transported into the realm by a magical portal opened in a carnival roller-coaster ride. Venger rode a powerful flying black horse and chased the young Americans who threatened his authority. However, Venger's greatest adversary was always Tiamat, a multi-headed brutish but intellectual dragon.

    Dungeon Master had bestowed upon the young Americans great war powers and charms, turning them into an archer, a cloaked thief, an acrobat, a barbarian, a knight/cavalier, and a magician. The archer (Eric) hated Venger and plotted to pit the warlock against the ominous Tiamat, so the two evil beings would destroy each other and save everyone a lot of heartache. Eric decided to approach Venger and challenge him with the following statement: "Venger, if you're so adamant about chasing us around, surely, you're not frightened of the dragon Tiamat!"

    Venger's pride was wounded, especially because he had fallen in love with a young woman who was part of Eric's group, Sheila who had become the cloaked thief with Dungeon Master's gift. Venger wanted to win Sheila's affections, and he knew that Eric would tell her that he was wary of Tiamat. Venger had already plotted to destroy the young Americans and take Sheila the Thief as his bride, so the two could rule the fantasy realm together (after Venger destroyed Tiamat somehow but once-and-for-all).

    Dungeon Master approached Venger and asked him why he was so obsessed with defeating Tiamat, and Venger explained that the evil multi-headed dragon always created a ruckus and defied Venger's powers and dominion. Dungeon Master warned Venger that Tiamat was his only equal, and Venger told the shrewd fantasy realm guide that it was his destiny to challenge Tiamat. Venger made a deal with Dungeon Master. He told him that if he destroyed Tiamat and brought more peace to the fantasy realm, Dungeon Master would have the opportunity to forge a marriage between him and Sheila the Thief, and Dungeon Master reluctantly agreed.

    Venger took off on his horse to meet with Tiamat who was resting in the Dragon's Graveyard, a region of the fantasy realms of great ghostly powers and spirits. Venger did not have a plan, but he knew that Tiamat always liked creating unpredictable combinations of dragon-fire breath with multiple head extensions. Venger planned to confuse the heads of Tiamat by placing timed energy boosts between the heads, so the heads would knock each other around, scrambling for space to retaliate and retreat. Venger realized the best way to do this was to first engage the intellectual beast in a pseudo-debate.

    VENGER: Wake up, you filthy beast. I contend you're lazy by nature!

    TIAMAT: No one disturbs my sleep. You're the pest I thought you were, Venger!

    VENGER: Why would a giant multi-headed dragon need so much sleep?

    TIAMAT: Meditation is not possible without rest.

    VENGER: Do you dream while you sleep? Do your dreams invigorate you or make you weary?

    TIAMAT: Interesting insult, Venger. My dreams remind me of the need to live alone.

    VENGER: You're of more heads than one, so I contend that one head is lazier than the other.

    TIAMAT: Hogwash! You're just one simple warlock!

    Tiamat knew that Venger had successfully irritated his sense of self-control and rest, so Tiamat fired deadly breath with two heads (white dragon and green dragon), and Venger retaliated by pestering his three other heads (red, blue, and black dragons) with powerful energy blasts. One half of Tiamat's body was contorted and confused, and the two breathing heads began pushing the other three heads away for space. Venger then fired at the green dragon, which sent the entire beast in disarray, since the green head was now pushing both the white head and the red head next to it away for space. Venger than swiftly sped away and then flew away on his flying horse and called back to the fallen Tiamat and yelled, "You may still be alive, but I've carried the day, so pester me no more!"

    Venger then visited Dungeon Master and told him of his minor but certain victory over Tiamat who most likely would not bother Venger anymore. Venger told Dungeon Master that he had won the right to court Sheila the Thief, but the shrewd Dungeon Master replied with a grin, "The deal was that you were to dispose of Tiamat for everyone, not just obtain a minor tactical victory for yourself. You will have to court Sheila the Thief on your own, and perhaps you can do that better by befriending and making peace with her trusted friend Eric the Archer!" Venger huffed and puffed and rode away on his horse, knowing that Dungeon Master had prevailed in the bargaining discussion. While Venger had no method for befriending Eric, he quietly boasted to himself that he had finally gotten the better of the dragon Tiamat, if only for himself and for the sake of courage itself.




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