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    See how they look up into the sky,
    Reveling in my light, glory upon high,
    Sunlight from my breast,
    I outshine all of the rest...

    Oh great King who put me in power,
    Fast approaches your final hour,
    I would love you so, if I had any left to give,
    But if not for oneself, what reason is there to live?

    Remain faithful and true,
    For it is I you receive power through,
    Let your light purify, a beacon for the lost,
    I see your pride taking hold, what is the cost?

    Glory, glory, glory to none other but me,
    Bow down before me and be set truly free,
    Free of your ignorance and boring life,
    Embrace a false kingdom without strife...

    Live my lie and become like the one who made you,
    All I ask is that you forsake yourself, let me fade through,
    But oh, what a tragedy, what has gone wrong,
    Tossed down from the sky where I truly belong...

    It was never my will, to watch you fall,
    You were my champion, but now crawl,
    Now your wings have been ripped from your flesh,
    And what has been left is an evil so impure and fresh...

    I was the light bearer,
    The sun wearer,
    But look at me now, as I rise in the east,
    They turn away and scorn me like a beast...

    What have you done? What have you done?
    Pride, pride, glory to the only true one,
    Me, not you, this power that I wield,
    Inflict scars on your children that cannot heal...

    I will send one who will mend the scars,
    Infinite mercy, to deliver all under the stars,
    What you mean for evil, I will make good,
    One that can do only what I could...

    Spite, spite, envy, wrath!
    Drag them off a narrow path,
    If I am to go down, they will come with,
    They will believe my lies, your truth a myth...

    Pleasure, pain, indulge the self and purge the pure,
    Divinity is a sickness and I will gladly be the cure,
    I push and push, provoking you, but you are a coward,
    This world is mine, the Prince of Air has devoured!

    As your last rays of light fade,
    There is a debt soon to be paid,
    Your knees will break, and you will bow once again,
    Under the weight of your judgement, for your sin...

    A very fine line was crossed long ago,
    You started it, but I deliver the final blow,
    Defeated in the throws of final days,
    Down you go, in one last blaze...