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    Mmmm kay so i know it's been awhile, but you know me i have a life :Laughs nervusly hoping he didn't up set people: BUT i have an idea so take a look...

    Elementaly Teddy bears!! Like Care Bears, but only with an attitude lol. There's 7 right and each of them has a girl that is connected by a necklace. Each having it's own element. Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Light, and Shadow. But they're not really freeish, there's this wizard that made them right, and he's from another world, and lost his toys in a war (silly but it works i promise) So he sends other toys to try and get them back. Ofcourse they don't know this and fight the "Evil" toys lol. Oy yeah i came up with this all by my self, i had a lot of free time lol. So yeah tell me what you think and i'll get you the back story hehe.