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    In the World, Not of the World
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    Ever since the day I was born,
    Many masks and armors I have adorn,
    All with their defects and kinks,
    Arrows and blades slip through the links...

    And on the blackest of nights,
    During the bloodiest of fights,
    I find myself on my knees with hands in the air,
    Because living ain't easy and living ain't fair...

    Though they strip away all, rip out my heart,
    There is still one thing that they can't tear apart,
    It is the blood that has covered my bones,
    Blood from a king who owns all the thrones...

    And if I have to face one more heartbreak,
    If again I have to cry, weep, and shake,
    Then I will suffer in the valley to reach the summit,
    And, knowing His hands are below, I would plummet...

    Because when all else in the world is laid to waste,
    We are the ones who will see His grace face-to-face,
    Called by our very names,
    We avoid the fire and shame...

    Unholy and degenerate is the world we live in,
    But we are called to hold fast and never give in,
    Shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers,
    Should one fall, his place taken by another...

    Undying, unbroken, unbent,
    We are the ones you resent,
    With a foul poison on your lips and willingly blinded eyes,
    Yet we are the ones who lives, and you the one who dies...