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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    The pain I feel
    Is it real?
    Or is it a bad dream?, then please wake me
    Set my soul free

    The truth never dies
    As many live to tell many lies
    I believe in right and wrong
    To overcome and stay strong

    Live life with love and care
    For the those who are worth it and are there
    I feel obsolete
    Let me tell you why, please take a seat

    I live in a fantasy world of what could be
    Hopes and dreams of what could happen eventually
    To see the good in all
    Yet all it does is set me up for a fall

    What happened to trusting one another?
    It seems like almost everyone is operating undercover
    Are we all under investigation?
    I'm sad to know what has become of this society and nation

    As opinions and judgemental thoughts rule the day
    No one really cares about what I have to say
    The love is dead, to be open minded is too much to ask
    Because everyone rather be selfish and multitask

    The worries and fear
    Push away something so amazing that was once near
    What happened to honesty?
    I mean nothing to you but you may mean the world to me

    Emotions are extinct on this earth
    Few remain pure of heart since there birth
    I cry many tears for many years
    As I used to sedate myself with pills, shots and beers

    I need something to take away the pain
    An stop the forever storm of rain in my brain
    Sadly I must accept defeat
    As I beg to God on my hands and feet

    To take away my suffering, but the agony never ends
    I refuse to break but everything with in me bends
    So I wish death all across this land
    An epidemic that stretches across the water and sand

    Because I firmly believe we need to start a new
    Honestly I think there is something wrong with almost everyone of you
    Plain as could be, cold as ice and your soul is not so nice
    Should I send a letter to Lucifer and may he take my advice?

    God was meant to create as the devil was destined to destroy
    As the world believes life, morals and character are a toy
    So I say thet's turn off the lights and wipe out the noise
    There is no need for violent, lazy and heartless girls and boys

    From the stock brokers to the politicians may they all mostly be dead
    No I will not apologize for anything I have said
    This can happen somehow
    It could be happening right now

    I wish there was another way
    For peace, love and care in every human today
    But it's all gone, like the leaves on my lawn
    In order to win a chess match we must sacrifice the pawn

    Not all should die
    Just most and there are more than enough reasons why
    It is written that man shall destroy itself
    In the midst of perfection and wealth

    I see it today, in every way
    As many come and go in my life but rarely stay
    For all they want and ever need
    Is the things that will destroy them and not let them succeed

    What is it?, I call it greed
    Yet people fail to see the lines, because many refuse to read
    If the action is a plant than the idea is the seed
    It's not what about what we want, it's about what we need

    So does the Dark prince of death hear my plea?
    I call it fate and I will wait and see