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    Name: Belraad
    Race: Human
    Age: About 35
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 165

    Bio: Belraad was born into an ancient and noble family, rumored to be descended from the 'Eight'. He was abandoned before his first memories to an orphanage where he was later adopted. Belraad spent his childhood living with his cruel adptive parents and siblings. As the outcast of the family he often suffered their ridicule and torment. At age Thirteen he was brutally beaten by his adoptive father while the rest of the family stood by and watched. Later that night Belraad slipped out of the family home and returned with a hatched and killed them in their sleep. His Father, Mother, three brothers, a sister, and the family dog all fell to his rage. He spent the next five years living as a thief, until he was hired by a merchant to murder his wife and eldest son. Belraad found he had quite a taste for death, and began his notorious career as an assasin. In the years since he's become the elite master of his art, known only in whisers throughout the realm as merely the shadow walker.

    Description: Slight of built, fast and stealthy. He has dark hair, worn neatly trimmed, hauntingly bright blue eyes, and a hideous scar running from his left temple, down his cheek and ending at the jawline, a gift from his father. Belraad dresses in all black, wearing soft soled leather boots and a light cloak. He carries a short bladed saber, and numerous daggers and knives concealed in various places.

    Belraad's infamy is know by reputation alone, for few have seen his face and lived to tell the tale. His silent and stealthy ways have made him a fortune and eventually attracted the attention of a rather unique lord in Alexander. Though he would never declare fealty to any lord or master, Belraad has been exclusively in the employ of Galathrist for over a year, their arrangement working well for the both of them.