Try walking in my shoes

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Let me tell you about how I lost hope in humanity
    My voyage on how I lost my sanity
    Started right from the start
    My father and I were forever miles apart

    The love was never felt from with in
    I felt hated and like my existence was a sin
    Yet he embraced my sister with everything in his heart
    Not seeing how it was the first step to me falling apart

    A divorce came years later, I was stuck in the middle of the fight
    Stranded in the darkness looking for light
    Peace never came to me
    I got overweight and became lazy

    As another person entered my life
    My step dad who made my mother his wife
    Yet he never complimented me, always there to point out when I'm wrong
    Complained about my weakness and the fact I wasn't strong

    Then the world turned even a darker pitch of black
    When every ally became an enemy on the attack
    Calling me fat and overweight
    Not seeing the stress, depression and anxiety at the gate

    School ripped me to pieces
    Not a soul could save me not even Jesus
    I had no where to turn to
    Only the many miles I biked and ran when I was blue

    Forever rejected and denied
    Destroying every part of me on the inside
    My health was been a constant war
    Still a cure I still search for

    Expectations forever dooming me
    Years ago I ran away from reality
    The many times I almost committed suicide
    For the simple fact I have no where to run and hide

    I give everything I have and it will never be enough, it's true
    Let me tell you about my many conclusions, let me give you a clue
    Family, friends and past girl friends will never understand
    Perfection is what they demand

    As I continue to sink in the quick sand
    People come and go and alone I shall stand
    What is it that I lack?, why am I never enough for you?
    These questions are far from new

    Alone crying in the night
    About all the things that I wish went right
    Why can't I fix what has been done?
    It has been a lifetime since I have seen the sun

    I need someone to stay by my side
    Before there is nothing left on the inside
    The world has damaged me greatly
    Here it is for the rest to see

    What happened to this writer who lives in fantasy?
    Another story needs to be told for the eyes that view me
    Love is potential, it is the rainbow that should shine bright
    The most beautiful element to life that brings light

    Why have I lost it again?
    As I can only say this with my pen
    Days turn to weeks, as a month or two passes by
    Barely existing only a few can spot this fly

    I wish not to find love anymore
    For all it does is rip me apart even more
    Just another let down, another thing I miss
    How much more can I take of this?