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    Let me tell you something about the MVA
    They open early and they are going to close soon ok?
    Take a ticket and wait in line
    As others silently bitch and whine

    Calling your number like it's a damn lottery
    Charging outrageous fees this is a state robbery
    Had to request a day off to get this done
    Renewing my license before it expires and I'm on the run

    Their computers are out of date
    I'm sure it is the same in every state
    Moving slower than a snail
    The place looks like a jail

    Don't get me started on the driving test
    The instructor is lazy and a pest
    Overpriced amount to take a 3 week course
    Oh please I'm better off with the Amish riding a horse

    Still you must learn how to parallel park
    Like I'm going to be in the city after dark
    Can you teach these crazy kids about the Roundabout?
    It's not the hokie pokie and they don't even know what that's about

    You speed you are going to get a fine
    Yes you can pulled over for drinking too much whine
    Still can you pass the sobriety test?
    I might fail sober in that contest