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    this is an original story i just dont know where to put it.

    the nameless ones

    the knoxx at it's high in society was intrigued by remains of a society that was even more advance than they are
    if that was possible. they deciphered much and learned that they used their wisdom to create a way of drawing power
    from one being to another or what the knoxx can translate as sharing powers to strengthen a the next generations
    till everyone reaches a plateau in magic that’s is limitless.

    the knoxx further transcribed info on these peoples destruction a hollow which took all magic this sharing of power attracted a being from another realm,
    which bathes in unlimited power, and then later these people learned a new way of magic known as science and as unstable as science is this is what destroyed them
    for they neglected the lands and seas till the planet could no longer hold life. they multiplied and they just exhausted the resources they had.

    it is rumored the nameless ones are still living within the society today and now the knoxx hunts for them by testing their bloodlines for a trace of the nameless ones genes
    it is written that they had powers to shift and are hiding themselves for they were marked on the body and face by the last days of their world when the containments touch their skins
    but not long they inter breed with others, as they dispersed themselves to other realms.

    if they can find them the knoxx plan to learn as much as they could for they hunger for the vast knowledge left by them which are at the moment unreadable.

    The truth about the three kings
    At the time the only settlements known was chiledman the city of the knoxx
    This town flourished and an elder sat as master of all and to either side of him is his brothers, who govern the entire city.
    It was said they had divine powers and was loved by everyone of its people
    They were said to have mastered skills beyond the powers of gods.
    The brother to the left perused the tree of knowledge and never returned
    The bother to the right seek for the fountain of gods to live forever and never returned
    The brother who held the throne seek for nothing only to serve his people
    Tales say the brother found the tree of knowledge and ate at it and due to this, his greed took over himself and he used all his power to hide the tree from anyone who seeks it keeping all knowledge to himself till today. And fable tell that the brother who seeks the fountain of gods now lives to protect the fountain from anyone drinking from it living forever in servitude for it’s the side affect of such magic
    Some say these are just fairy tales and that they are used to teach people lessons of what too much power will do to you. For they say the one who humbly serve the masses lived a fulfilled life till it was his end..
    But the man said the truth is each was true in a sense the one who seek for the fountain of gods was granted eternal life and youth, and now he is the keeper of the fountain, the undying lands was created by him after roaming the lands and not finding peace, he set out to create a place of peace for those worthy due to their bravery and sacrifice.
    However the one who seek knowledge, was given the highest knowledge of a dragon and that is what became of him , he is the eternal dragon..
    While the brother who ruled stayed and sharpen his skills till today he still rules as the leader of the knoxx, he has done this by asking for a sacrifice, he leaves his old body and into a new body sacrificed to assure his reign will be forever.
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