tori - sons and daughters

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    this is an original story i just dont know where to put it.

    As you know the mano’s were perfect creations of the first of three civilasations that existed.
    They were the mano, they ruled peacefully their sections of space , the greatest of all was called the devourer.
    Dela was the youngest of all manos, who caught the eye of the devourer, as time past they got married. But what was not known by anyone was that dela was spawned by a mano father and a new entity which became her mother known as the Xeeb
    The Xeeb was a being of darkness no one knows how they were formed, thought they are not as powerful as a mano, however they have a great flaw for being great beauty and this caused Jabbu a mano got together by chance with gerabinne a Xeeb, they fell in love and so dela was born.

    Demons and Monsters

    as you know the knoxx created the mano as close to perfection as possible, and as they left the realms in seclusion
    The mano seeks them out, as humans seek to see their creators. but in absence they have seek to become a creator themselves, surely it wasn't impossible, but in their immaturity they wanted to create an
    Even more perfect being and that is where they experimented giving strength and speed to their creations
    but to gain such attributes they partook changes in complexions to having scales or gills to be adapt to the harsh conditions of the lands.

    Many different types of beings were created from the animals which the knoxx created, they took it to a new level where those to be in the ocean grew gills and fins
    to those that fly grew wings to those granted the gift speed and to those who had great strength these four attributes were used on beings and each had defenses such as hard shell like bodies to sleek fast furs to wings as big as dragons and those who carry venom or toxins as defenses.

    Eons of time past they breed between each other and many different types of creatures came to life, which are now classified as demons or monsters
    Who have adapted to their environments, from four expanded to thousands of breeds of life. All thanks to the arrogance of their creators, the Mano

    4.The Serapath
    An race which helped create the universe, their knowledge is as far as the ancient is although they are not as old as they are nor are their power as great as the ancient and there is one more power to consider the very last of the universes creator the tori
    They are called the three, not much has been known about the mano and their ways but the serapaths created large depository of their race their background and their power
    They say certain people are able to gain power from these depositories they just have to uncover the truth behind each writing if deciphered they will be given what is stored inside. not only that they may even find out what had happened in the past and how it affected the present.
    Their was a plague which nearly destroyed everything in every realm they were able to contain it in a box of infinite size the power output to held these plague was large and many had to sacrifice their bodies to make a collective of infinite power, to stop this plague from mutating and become unstoppable
    The serapaths are now in the lands which their ancestry came, now they are in the higher plains where the knoxx was said to be.
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