tori-short stories pt3

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    THE ONE foran
    a flock of lizard men were trying to capture an eagle in flight, you watch then you see that the eagle turned into a formidable women, and not that far behind her were eight lizard men who was ready to fight to capture her who they called the one, they 0keeped shouting don’t let the one escape, you all started to run after the lizard men determine to fight and save this poor women from them , fight and see who is victorious

    After you kill more than 5 of their comrades they were ordered to retreat , scavenge and add all possession as found , the women who they called the one , thanks you and tells you of her faith, you see she has been haunted by many because of her powers and she trusted you would not betray her trust, she ids able to replicate herself to as many people as she wants and her newly acquired power of shape shifting gave her a way of escaping instead of fighting for her life always. After much talk of your quest and everything that had happened to most of you she says, for saving her life she will teach one of you this unusual gift and another the power to shape shift if you are interested all she ask in return is if she can join you on your quest and maybe find a home somewhere else for she has no power to make a portal to other realms like you.
    Do you accept this proposal?


    Tear drops of a flower


    everyone has herd that in the past their was a great waterfalls that hid a secret village
    this is where ur magic is weakens for the flowers that grows in this village

    they call it the crying flower which if conditions are right the flower will give a single tear drop

    more valuable than any gold for it has the power to nullify all magic

    the first person to see such a flower was so ambitious enought to smuggle it out of that village.

    not knowing with this great power came a dark side

    it is the destiny of the flower tobe know world wide and realm after realm learned of it's power and wanted to posses it

    the flower grew like a weed spreading all over the lands and took root near water supplies

    and as the red moonlight released it's tears many collected it and sold it over the realm once called dramon

    what they later found was their magical powers were slowly weakening, and only after countless investigation did they found that when the roots take hold it takes all magic in the land air and water to create such a powerfull defence against magic.

    a bann was made from exporting these flowers over other realms and it's eradication was imminent but greed took hold in dramon and now many more people have lost their magic
    by contact with the lands and drinking the contaminated waters.

    it is now classified as a forbidden material in alchemy till this day.
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    you could make ONE thread ... you know and post MORE posts