tori-short stories pt1

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    The purity of power

    Power can be summed up to many facets and heirachy

    The most powerfull of them ever was the knoxx and their society is filled with these facets of power, the main belief is that in a past life if you did something bad you would lose power or what is called purity and as your line intermingle with others through genetics you gain certain powers in every one of your life span

    For example if you were bless enough to be born between a pure water elemental to a wind elemental you would have both powers or a combo like ice and depending on the purity of your bloodlines it gets it’s strength from and mixture of two different powers may come up withmany variations in powers

    The main powers known to many is known as elemental power spiritual power body power and psychic power then there are those rare such as power of light power of dark
    The giver of life (creation)and the end of life (destruction) and the flow of life (change)
    There are many more but it would be too long to list.

    Then the second rule what you were before you would be attracted to it forexample if you are of water you would be drawn to healing people depending on your bloodlines purity
    Or experience if you were a cop five times in your previous life you would be drawn to this profession.

    Then there is what we call the innocents depending on the purity and magnitude the purer the power, these pople are like marters and prophets who made a difference in a past life.

    The purer they are the more capacity in power and they can be used as a kind of battery to boost once power, but after an evil act they will loose their use and no matter how pure they were once wrong act can undo many life time of goodness. Being pure gives you godly powers what they call unlimited.

    Then there are those who has both innocence and blood in their hands these are what they call defenders they never loose their capability to be innocent for they were made to
    Defend others usually someone who give up their life for their country and fellow man

    Then there are what the knoxx calls the cleaners they have all three powers in their disposal change create and destroy and don’t suffer any consequence for their action
    They fix anything they wish to restore balance in their realm. No one knows howyou become these for it’s a secret initiation and no one knows the criteria in being picked..

    Blood Water

    This is a forbidden art in the knoxx civilization, they are said to have been the only one who mastered it to perfection without any side affect known as the hunger which later the ancient’s civilization found out.

    The water inside our body including blood can be purified using a persons will it can be extracted out of the body and use as a revitalization technique, what some have called soul stealing where your essence is taken from one person or more to increase a persons life force.

    Vampires are said to be great descendants of one of the ancients for it is in them to live forever by drinking blood of a person but like the ancients they partook in the insatiable huger, making them unable to ever stop.

    It was said as a the first vampire was born from an ancient who partook the pure water ritual by the mouth consuming the blood and soon nature evolved their mouths with fangs in order to feed and live on using another persons life force.

    Many still practice and some are born with the hunger but like the ancients they can’t end this curse.

    Life force shai
    As soon as you land on the grounds of Thera, you started to feel weak as if a fever struck all of you, you barely make it to the village where everyone has their door locked, and so many sick it's like the weather caused this
    In the morning you felt better so you explored but then in the evening you saw a man cast something into the air and you felt this fevered and weakening felling, you were suspicious so you followed the old man and you find him in the middle of the pillar and smoke gathered to him from everywhere and some smoke seems to come from your mouth to him, you were afraid he is sucking the life force of people ands that is why so many are so weak and feverish you were just luckily you found out why, for how long do you think he has been draining g the life force out of people. You broke his chanting by the archer using his bow firing a couple of volleys of arrows at him the arrows became petals as it hit him. He turned and his eyes glowed green. He threw a hand up to one of you and Michael started to choke it's draining him completely of life force you all advanced to fight but were all thrown back and then Michael spoke a spell from nowhere and the life stealer screamed and vanished suddenly. Michael started to talk and said to get rid of this who steal life you must destroy it's nest its temple it's ground of worship , you all followed his instruction and then Michael said thank you now I may rest in peace I lured you here to confront this evil and now it's gone from this realm we all be peaceful. And then Michael fell into a deep sleep, you all took him to your accommodations in the village and had a well earned rest but your sleep was uneasy by the through of reencountering this vampire type demon