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    this is an original story i just dont know where to put it.


    In the beginning their was three race the knoxx the ancients and the janus

    They lived peacefully enough, but there was a yearly competition which was a way of avoiding war between the three factors of power.

    The eldest and most noble are the knoxx they were one of the first beings who grew settlements and advanced as time past. But it was law that they did not pass their knowledge outside their kind. And they flourished as a race.

    The ancients are the next eldest settlements known at the time they tend to be more adventurous and power came to them without trying, they were gifted, and they were advancing leaps and bounds more than any other race at the time, they would trade powers and knowledge with those unsettled races around at the time and gain a lot by sharing and receiving wisdom from other life forms, they were the most intelligent race of all.

    The janus is a warrior clan they fine tuned their arts and they learned differently, they found that they can pass on knowledge from one generation to another by touch alone building a wealth of knowledge to compete with the ancient and they also had more offspring’s than the rest their empire were three times bigger than the ancients population

    Knowing this, their small rivalry made trust between the two race impossible and they were left to learn things the hard way.

    Throughout time heroes from each were decorated and worshiped by each race.
    And then time came when these competitions were not enough. The janus being last mostly in magical ability grew tired, and wanted more power they had the numbers and used it to make a war with the ancients.

    The ancients pride alone in their ability saw to it that they did not ask help from the knoxx, and although the janus asked the knoxx for aid,, the knoxx were smart enough not to get involve they decreed that we are not enemies to either race but if you take any actions against us we will have no choice but to wipe both races out of existence.

    The janus suffered many lost their population shrank by half, just by the first wave of attack from the ancients, the janus were losing, and they cannot held out much longer till, the leader of the janus had a plan, he used the ancients who they captured as a way to end the war, under the janus control they made it that the ancients were planning to take over the knoxx by attacking the knoxx directly and making it that it was the ancients who attacked them.

    The very next day both the ancients and the Janus were summoned, to knoxx territory and were told to seized their fighting or both shall be held accountable. The ancients stopped at once but the janus leader took it to far and the fighting continued, you see the janus took bunch of priest of the ancients order and slit their throats.
    Disobeying the knoxx was a grave mistake they sent their best and wiped out both the ancients and the Janus who was baring arms at the time, there was heavy losses especially by the Janus by the end their were only hundreds of thousands left mostly women and children. When their were 200 million janus who used to be alive and over 3 million ancients loss their life from the slaughter ordered by the knoxx , At last there was peace.

    2 How three became four

    The Janus were said to have inter procreate with the unsettled masses and mixing their blood they suddenly loss certain traits like how they passed knowledge from one generation to another and how they were formidable warriors with great bodies able to endure a rough life, as this happened they grew again in massive populations of over a billion and their were those who kept to the pure blood lines which was mere hundreds now and the one tainted who they called the vorlex., mixed blood in their language.

    The fourth race was called the vorlex and these are the ancestors of the humans today.
    It was millennia after the vorlex came when the ancients produce an offspring known as the serapath. And the knoxx also produced an offspring now known as the mano a few years after the vorlex came to existence. But these weren’t produced by birth but creation.
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