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    this is an original story i just dont know where to put it.

    Divine Mistake

    Instead of traveling by your orb you are transported to a land where everyone looks at you there were all surprised but no one would talk to you , until a women middle age came to you and said she knows what it is you are trying to do and it's their fault that this happened they allowed a great evil spread to far when they could have stopped it but now it was too late to stop they are the one who created all the other realms people after the great plague which wiped pout the original existence of all

    Each of us recreated what is now the people of every realm there is but somehow many of all of our creation was able for evil which cannot be erase in their creation for it is a balance of power .We are of three race at power the sokar (vorlex 4th decedant) , the serapath ( direct decendants of the ancients) and the suxin ( great Grandsons and granddaughters of the mano creation of the knoxx). we live in a realm free from all magics, thus we were not affected by the destruction.

    your people are responsible for the re-destruction of the universe, to reverse this we must act swiftly , anytime you need us or our help just ask but we cannot meddle for we must let faith play thought and if we need to we will once more put up the seeds of creation and start over we only hope you can save this the past.

    Saint Beast
    The knoxx learnt to create life they mastered death and were at the height of their power when they decided to live in seclusion , the ancients a race to develop only a couple of years after the the knoxx developed their talents were always competing with the knoxx
    They offered to share their knowledge with the knoxx when they were just developing as a race but the knoxx refused and since then a rivalry became known. There was a third race the janus who had potentials if only the ancient didn’t look down on them for they were slow to develop magical prowless although they were to develop at the same time as the ancients. They had also an advantage over the ancient in breeding for they out numbered the ancients populist by three fold by the height of power of all three.

    The knoxx success in creating a new life flamed a jealousy from the ancients and since then tried with minimal success to create a life like the knoxx had created.
    They even tried unknown magic and failed. They had enough the ancients used their elite men to steal the recipes to creating life

    it was easy enough for the knoxx kept their knowledge within everyone of their people, even their young knew the basics of wealth of knowledge the knoxx had.
    They took several men from a knoxx village, they told them what each knew and enough was gathered to perform creation of a being.

    But it wasn’t perfect, for the men didn’t reveal all that they knew even with their lives threaten.

    The knoxx found out what the ancients had done but did nothing, there only concern was the safety of their kind.

    With enough time the ancients perfected the creation of life only they puoured their malice and their hunger for power in this being. And later became out of control killing several of the ancients most prominent elders absorbing their knowledge and power and was later known as the rune’s or saint beast and it was aid to have later came for some of the knoxx leaders and had succeeded in absorbing their knowledge making it a danger so the knoxx created a lair in the city known as baulker’s rock where it the saint beast was banished to, and is now gathering grounds for beast known as malciour .who are savage and very cunning killers who eats flesh even their own..

    Now that the knoxx came in seclusion the throne of power was handed down to the ancients and they stride to become known as the greatest beings of the universe.

    No less than a beast

    In the knoxx history they have only been two that went bad the first was who they called a beast the second a more well known character known as the destroyer.

    the beast was always more cunning and dangerous for he was taught by the same person as the reigning king of the knoxx, thus he learned longevity by soul taking, which he use to hide for many centuries as guises.

    he is well known as other characters in history, he is always portayed as master of all evil and are feared, and many sects has been created who worship him.

    he has tried to end the world nine times and everytime another of the knoxx died stopping him
    these heroes are trained to stop apocalyptic forces, but none ever survived a battle with the beast and lived. the nineth time is what made him stop for it is his own sister who volunteered to stop him , and althrough he did have great feelings of love for this person, he killed her non the less, but this changed him completely, and now he hides from everyone in the world. and has never been seen since.

    but most destructions are attributed thoughout time to his followers the greatest of ehich was the sect they called the order or kell.

    the order of kell

    this order has done the most evil things througout time they caused mass deaths, plagues
    and many others too countless to mention.

    they worshipp the beast who they called Kell meaning the forever and they have performed many rites of longevity which kell was known for they tried for many millenias to perfect the techinque known as soul migration, where you may live on in another persons body as long as they are willing to give a living body to another. for if it's done without consent many dire consiquencves could happen such as being stuck in that new body forever or even losing your powers for this technique ids life draining,

    the plague
    The people of this realm was for they were celebrating their beating a great oppressor
    You were invited to sit down in by a local who seemed to be a warrior
    They were eating a bowl of meat, which can stand eating then being told what you just ate. This was strength of character,
    Anyway one who was eating soon fell down after eating a meat and was dragged to the hospital
    However not only one fell three fell after eating the same meat within 24 hours you where still on full party, when the other three in the infirmary started to die and then rot in less than 5 minutes then as they opened them to see what is wrong a burst of fly like insect came out the other two also burst and flies everywhere
    these flies would borrow into a person and leave a red spot where they entered and these created a monstrous rage in the person and started to attack the people outside as they get killed their were more flies and every one wasn't safe
    The monstrous effect made them lust for flesh and blood who was not effected yet was eaten even they each other
    this plague spread and no one could stop it, the serapath fought these before and they thought that they wiped them out by containing them for they cannot be destroyed but a strain which was in a certain animal which is now popular food for some people of the different sectors of the universe has a undetectable strain of this plague.
    The plague strain became more dangerous by the introduction of a plant from a distant realm which bio fused itself to many other plants making new plant types and it so happened these animals which contain these potential plague ate the new plants which grew like a weed for it had no predators to stop it . the animals dna. was change in eating the plants and the plague grew exponentially as it received the plants nutrients and became as new strain, somehow it is a form of larvae in the meat of the animal which turns to a new kind of insect a cross of a fly and the size of a mosquito which was awaiting the bodies of people to spread by not by contact but eating of it's flesh. Which these people was doing as a part of their celebration, with a new strain different from the first plague thanks to the alien plants genes are now spreading from flesh and mutating it is new biological threat to everyone.

    this plague was blamed on the a knoxx , known as the destroyer .

    Knoxx Outcast
    You come to a world with no technology what's worst your orb of power shattered into four pieces this happened instantly and as it shattered the blast blinded Alex, you try to heal but was kind of successful, still not be able to see ,but as time goes by you try to make a food for you and your party, you deduce while eating you wouldn't find anything here for it's desolate and most of the people you saw was either some sort of pilgrim or nomads so you decide to leave this realm without the use of an orbs you decided to go Michael opened a portal but the portal won't form then Michael tried again with no success Lucas and Catherine tried as well but nothing it seems this realm has trapped you their, this must be why the orb of power shattered.
    You had no choice but to seek out a healer in the place, everyone said to go to the cave like dwelling where you will find a women who deals with healing and all sorts of magic we keep our children away for she is a powerful person we had no rain for a while and we were all starving and with her elixirs she poured on a nit of ground and within minutes spourts were growing and many kinds of plants grew within two days we had plenty we were grateful and another thing is the daughter of the king was sick and no one knew what to do as a desperate measure we seek her out and she cure her without much trouble she made her drink a flower which she boiled down. We are very grateful but many more are afraid how does she know to cure the princesses within a couple of minutes, they are afraid of her power.
    But all we can say is that she's a nice old lady, she maybe able to help you
    She said hello who's their , you replied and said we have someone who is injured
    She says quickly come in she looks at Alex and now you should be careful with orbs there are many shattered pieces in your eyes well get rid of that with one willow water and well heal it with some of my plants roots. What shattered that is in a form of an orb, you quickly say please can you look at our orb it split into four pieces we don't know why it shattered, she said you transported yourself here with this yes well you can't have anything that will transport you anywhere for they who are called the knoxx uses this realm for trapping people who done a criminal act. I myself was a great scientist who worked on a cure for the plague which was rampant I tried with my elixir and instead of killing it mutated as a strain that was more potent, killing many who was not knoxx, for we knoxx cannot be affected by disease and virus we have immune systems which cannot be touched but many other who lived with them haven't got any immunity unlike the knoxx especially the serapaths who was susceptible the knoxx soon figure out how to destroy this strain which cause anyone who breaths to be infected, I was imprisoned for years then , I heard they destroyed it by synthesizing their immune system and made an elixir which nullified this virus.
    As soon as they destroyed the virus they left the lands they occupied, why they don't know but they left for the undying lands. Anyway getting back till today no one can make a portal out of this realm but with this orb power I may be able to leave with you if I fix this, please I have done nothing but tried to help .please I need to be freed. You all agree to take her with you, I maybe the last of the knoxx for I've have been exiled here for a millennia or even more

    No Power Tyron
    The orb brought you to a futuristic place , where they were escalators everywhere and every hall seemed to be a different increment of time, a dragon suddenly came from the left of your vision and was about to strike you with a fireball
    What spell can you think off a Water spell, a Freezing spell Fire ball of your own, escape or teleport or scatter and hope for the best
    You try all types of spells nothing works to make things worst the orb doesn't work its glow is now dull and useless
    So you all scattered like rats in a hope no one gets hurt by the blazing fire, when the fireball and the dragon disappears and a man says to you hello, and thank you for not using your primitive powers on my subjects anyway your powers are useless here for all powers are rendered nutulised on these premises and many lands beyond, welcome to my collection , I am called the collector and now I have the privilege of collecting you as samples of primitive men , you will have full access to all parts of the land but you are expected to be where I want you to be when I call. But first we must know what you are.
    One will be sacrificed and displayed in the courtyard for paying customers to study
    So what kind of creatures are you? Doesn't matter we'll do a full analysis he he
    Then gas is stiffen in the vents nearby and within minutes you are unconscious and on the floor
    The keeper takes a wift of the stagnant air and sight with a joy then he cries out and androids type robots came to pick your party up, you are put in cages and individually woken up by a mild electric shock emitting from a staff held by hands of a young woman.
    You wake to find one of you are missing Alex the girl says I'm here to help you, you ask where is your companion?,
    She said that he's being prep for autopsy to see what manner a creatures you are. I'll save him before surgery just goes quickly
    She says this as she unlocks the cage holding you; you escape to where you first arrived while she later appears bringing Alex to you still woozy from the drugs he was injected with.
    She says use the orb quickly escapes for I may have triggered an alarm rescuing your young friend, but no magic works here
    no she says objects with power just need to be charged back to life, which I can do as she touch the orb it glows, now go,come with us , no I have to take care of something else now go as you use the orb many androids came firing laser particles in the air she deflected them back destroying some of the robot guard, go .... All debts have been repaid in full she says as you vanished into the light.

    You are teleported to nine again you recognize it, what you think she meant all debts have been paid in full, all of you shrug
    Truths or Illusions
    then in the distant a portal opens and a lady in mid 30's was bathed in light she approaches you she introduce herself as aurora she claims that in the future you triumph and restore everything back to normal, but your quest is still far from over she explains that the original destroyer had a vile of aging potion which she drank that's who the girl was who help you, but why help us, because you help her out of a prison she helped you get out of a prison in turn, it's some form of payback.
    but dire truths must be told the destroyer cannot be killed unless drained of her immortality she gained immortality by drinking from the fountain of the gods in the undying lands, she found a way there ands so must you, for in the hand of a warrior is a sword of power which drains people of magic and power he is Tristan the great he found the sacred sword made eons before by the ancients, you must use this against the destroyer then she can be killed a touch only is required by the metal to skin and you are powerless as an infant. you must stop here at the realm jiru where she will do her experiments on the realms people, by mutating people to monsters dumb but strong and will do her bidding if you can't stop her, don't dismay all you need to do is to decontaminate the water supply with the restorative earth you have, when they drink again they will turn back to normal. I give you this another orb for the original will be destroyed by her so you will be trapped and the one from tori of today will be used up to get through the barrier but hide this and when this happens you may use this orb to escape the undying lands from then on you are on your own, for this third orb will burn up and be spent returning you back.
    your only way of recourse is to open portals yourself learn this from the library of tori today, but to get back in your own time seek out the tempest in his realm of time for the orbs will be useless as a stone.
    to make it to the undying lands you must follow a map which i 'm giving you a direction to you must acquire the map for it will lead you where the barrier is, the orb is not powerful enough for you to make it in

    but who will it be to take on this quest
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