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    In a great library of pathoris where the seers and prophet
    first carved the great tablets where countless premonitions are held,
    it is said long ago they were countless gods who ruled the
    heavens above.

    Then came a dispute of to who should rule and a great war
    was started.

    thus two mighty weapons was divined, one was a flute
    which had the power to suspend time in a great sleep.
    And sword made of the tree of life, which with a touch
    could drain even a god of it's power.

    two main factions of gods merged and a third rose up to
    challenge them, even thought the merged faction had larger
    numbers in their ranks they distrusted each other thus the
    third faction won gaining power,the main leader of the
    merged faction was all killed but one, and was put to
    exile drained of power now he resides in a Halflings body.

    many eions past and the halfling trudged thought the counless
    lands where he was exile and found that his power was returning
    as he was reborned many times, he used this to his advantage

    as he was reborn although without power, he was being borned
    in many lands and he used his time practising all sorts of
    magics that was available,and he gained enought power and followers

    he bided his time and as time past, he was able to find a relic
    which told him of a mirror of time and space which was created
    even before the war started by whom he did not know for the relic
    did not name anyone to be its creator.

    using this knowlge he used his followers to search for what the relic
    called a power orb to imbune the mirror of power like a fuel
    he found out that power orbs where created by serapaths to transport
    matter from one side of a realm to another , and that they collected
    mushroom tar for rejuvination purposes.

    when finally they found a tribe of serapaths he ordered his minion to wipe them out
    and get him these orbs...

    he use the mirror to go back to when the great war started
    and with some of his minion they were able to acquire the flute
    he tried used it to suspend the others in a great sleep, but before he
    he could they were found out by some of the other gods and a fight
    between the other gods and him and his minion started, he was repeled again
    back to the abbys.

    many people knew him as kell and the order of kell has been
    gathering power for his great return......
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    page 2

    Tori expands over many cities and townships but it's
    centre is called the hearth of irons for the kingdom is
    paved with iron roads and this is where the wealthy resides,
    to the south lies a small shanty town where the less fortunate
    lives and where the thieves guild resides, a great towering
    castle lies west where the council lives and govern all
    to the east lies the great ports where traders off all
    kinds work by the sea and to the north lies the great

    Outside this lies three townships called narn, bastel and

    narn is a community of elderly where they live peacefully
    in a nostalgic community it is the nearest
    to the city.

    bastel is a community of woodsmen and hunters this is
    where the forest of the sithra lies, the forest stretches
    over 70 to 80 km of rich lands and contains many animals
    and great beast, it is said that in this forest lives a
    great witch called omigies who many seeks for her knowledge
    in potion making, she was said to know the cure for
    the death spell if you were unfortunate enough to be

    a great expands of lands of dessert lies just outside the
    forest stretching to the great mountains where the mirror of
    time and space lies and in the middle of this great dessert
    is a small oasis which contains the city of kaser where
    the indigenous community of tori lives,and where the sword
    of life was foretold to have been found and later hidden.
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    page 3

    the great seers of tori foretold the destruction of tori
    and that a man of great abilities will help to stop this
    tragedy,they predicted that a man from outside will be also
    start this unpending destruction by using the great mirror
    to penetrate corinth, a place where great hereos have been
    granted immortality for this place holds the fountain of life

    the seers further saw this stranger offering some sort of
    stones which seemed to power the mirror and strenghten it
    in order to breakdown the enchantment which acts like a barrier
    to this place, only as he past though the great eye of the mirror
    a great wave of energy pulsed out of the mirror and as this wave
    of energy past throughout the lands beneath the mirror it strated
    to eradicate all it touches....
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    here is new chapters

    Dragons Rage
    Dragons Rage Gorgon
    You have been transported to a place where it seems that
    giants may have lived there, around you are two great walls
    that stretches to the heavens. the only source of light is
    the one conjured by Michael and Lucas two orbs spinning
    around each other producing a bright light.

    then you saw writings on the great wall as tall as a person
    suddenly a great wind fell upon your group and you were all
    scattered, some of you where blown away as far as 20 meters
    away then came a deafening scream. you all got back up and

    you walk ahead to a great hall which looked like a temple,
    you are trespassing here said a petite woman all dressed
    in a silk gound, no one has ever tread on these great halls
    with drawn weapons before.

    Now you must prove yourself to be worthy of our presence,
    and then nine men appeared around your party, they are
    kalits a great warrior of fire, then each made a sign
    with their hands and chanted, as the chant progress their
    bodies burst out in fire and started to approach you one for each one of you,
    you must fight...

    kalits attack 47 defense 75

    The Destroyer? felton
    The first person you see is a women who was carrying a big basin on her head .
    she gasp as she sees you appear, she came nearer and nearer to you and whispers
    a terrible tale: so many are afraid of his power , we call him the destroyer.

    he destroys lands and towns which oppose him
    it is fabled that an old tribes member saw how he
    destroyed towns, all he does is get a map of the town
    and put his hand over it with concentration he creates
    this clouds of smoke like mist around the city town and
    encloses in his hand with a gesture as he closes his palm
    and the town there is left with every living thing gone,
    you to doubt it could be the same destroyer.

    do you go with her to the temple

    The warzone - minos
    You are transported to a pit seven hundred feet in diameter,
    there is a platform to the far east and you make your way
    to it. When you reach it you were surprised by a man a bit
    bulky in size come from your blind side. He says welcome
    to jericho's warzone what may I do for you would you like
    to train or fight

    No Power -Tyron

    The orb brought you to a futuristic place, where they were
    escalators everywhere and every hall seemed to be a different
    in increment, a dragon suddenly came from the left of your vision
    and was about to strike you with a fireball

    What spell can you think of

    Water spell
    Freezing spell
    Fire ball of your own
    scatter and hope for the best?

    You try all types of spells nothing works
    to make things worst the orb doesn't work
    its glow is now dull and useless

    So you all scattered like rats in a hope no one gets hurt
    by the blazing fire, when the fireball and the dragon
    disappears and a man says to you hello, and thank you for
    not using your primitive powers on my subjects, powers are
    useless here for all powers are rendered useless on these

    welcome to my collection , I am called the collector
    and now I have the privilege of collecting you as samples
    of primitive men, you will have full access to all parts
    of the land but you are expected to be where I want you
    to be when I call, But first we must know what you are.

    One of you will be sacrificed and displayed in the courtyard
    for paying customers as a curiousity

    what you do now?

    so what kind of creatures are you? Doesn't matter we'll do
    a full analysis

    Then gas is shiffen in the vents nearby and within minutes
    you are unconscious and on the floor.The keeper takes a wift
    of the stagnant air and sight with a joy, then he cries out
    and androids type robots came to pick your party up.

    you are put in cages and individually woken up by a mild
    electric shock emitting from a staff held by hands of a
    young woman. you wake to find one of you are missing
    "Alex" your companion is being prep for autopsy to see
    what manner a creatures you are. I'll save him before
    the surgery just goes quickly.She says this as she unlocks
    the cage holding you, you escape to where you first arrived
    while she later appears bringing Alex to you still woozy
    from the drugs he was injected with.

    She says use the orb quickly escapes for I may have triggered
    an alarm rescuing your young friend, 'but no magic works
    here', you tell her.

    "No" she reply objects with power just need to be charged
    back to life, which I can do as she touch the orb it glows
    "now go"
    you tell her "come with us'

    she says "no I have to take care of something else now
    go now, i have repaid my debts to you " she says as you
    vanished into the light.

    Forest alive

    You enter what seems to be a clearing in a forest, it had
    dense canopy and many animals live peacefully, you all
    decide to take look around to find a town to sleep in
    cause it would certainly be better than sleeping in the

    You all walk north east and then hear a women crying out
    for help, she is drowning in a pool of mud. it seems to be
    quick sand, and as you help her out she turned into an
    ember of fire and rose to the sky flying far away from the forest

    You all was a little upset she left without even a thank you
    till suddenly a shriek of pure malice hit the air and
    all of you were being binded down by creepers, which slowly
    creep up to each of you then the flowers bloomed all
    around the forest and they exploded releasing a kind of
    gas which knocked you one by one out as you struggle to
    get free from the vines that held you captive.

    As the gas fills your lungs you are all rendered unconscious.

    The Love Goddess - eden

    Entering this realm you find yourself somewhat in awe
    the land was full of worshipers from trolls to pixies, they
    all congregated together working the fields

    This was disturbing, and what more they were cooperating
    as one unit as if they were drones, you tried to talk to
    one but it politely said "sorry but it's time for work
    I can talk to you later at our leisure time" you tried
    to stop him walking away but he wasn't stopping, so you
    waited for this leisure time. As soon as one stopped
    working you approached him he says hello politely and you
    ask why do you work with an troll, you are a elf aren't you?
    you dont usually work together? he answer we do not work
    for our self, we work as a devotion of love towards each
    other and our goddess Venus, our goddess who lives in the
    clouds up their, there is a ladder to her up in the sky palace.
    As you were about to leave you caught sight of an old man in rags
    he says he is not affected by the lady powers for he is
    a prophet there is so little I can do for they won't come
    out of their trance, you see the lady has the power of
    love, which she uses to the point of obsession with some
    and some to slavery to her every whim, be careful.

    You may become a part of her followers get away from here
    as soon as possible get away before you are turn to slaves

    the Seed

    you come to a colony of women warriors who was all fit
    and powerful as soon as you had some contact with them they
    took you to see the queen, who in turn offers you food and
    giving you access to their lands and their magic.

    you can learn soon enough especially a cerium which will
    give you long health and prolong your life

    You go around and you notice all of them are women
    and no men, where were the men you asked,
    the queen said that males were put to work with our babies
    taking care day and night , this seemed strange but maybe
    it's reversal of role here anyway the formula for to
    prolonging life seemed hard to past by so you asked for
    a taste of this. And as you were about to take it a man
    teleported in front of you and made you spill the potion
    to the ground and then the held all seven of you in a way
    of a huddle and you all teleported several miles away.

    His name was niles he is the true people of this land he says
    they with their queen was like a swarm of bees the elixir
    you were about to drink would have been our last, for they
    have their seed in that potion which means in a gestation
    period of weeks maggots form and eats you inside out and
    make your body as a sack to grow and become a warrior like
    the other women you see , many of my descendants were taken
    in and all became these beasts they are like swarm with a
    queen in the middle and the rest are workers and most of
    humans flesh are food for these bugs.

    They are like insects within their senses and strength
    not only that they live long times so if one is killed
    she is just eaten and a new larvae can be formed.
    There is so little left of the original people.
    We are the only ones who did not trust them we were right
    to oppose them most of our culture and magic is being
    stolen, for they seem to retain the memory of the one
    that they convert or eat. So they steal most of our secret
    it seems they get more stronger and retain knowledge to
    bring back to the nest to teach the rest so that they would
    be formidable, I thought we were the only one who can
    make underground tunnels using the thunder stone but when
    we looked in their larve pits they constructed great caverns
    out of the thunder stone like us

    Our spies keep us up to date every day please help us
    destroy them or would you rather help us by protecting
    our culture and powers by us transferring our every knowledge
    to you so that there is a survivor after we are gone,
    I don't think there is much more point to fighting them
    but our power is weak we cannot travel between realm anymore.

    life force -shai

    As soon as you land on the grounds of Tera, you started
    to feel weak as if a fever struck all of you, you barely
    make it to the village where everyone has their door
    locked, and so many sick it's like the weather caused this

    In the morning you felt better so you explored but then
    in the evening you saw a man cast something into the air
    and you felt this fevered and weakening felling, you were
    suspicious so you followed the old man and you find him in
    the middle of the pillar and smoke gathered to him from
    everywhere and some smoke seems to come from your mouth to him,
    you were afraid he is sucking the life force of people and
    that is why so many are so weak and feverish. you were just
    luckily you found out why, for how long do you think he has
    been draining g the life force out of people. You broke
    his chanting by the archer using his bow firing a couple
    of volleys of arrows at him the arrows became petals as
    it hit him. He turned and his eyes glowed green.
    He threw a hand up to one of you and Michael started to
    choke it's draining him completely of life force you
    all advanced to fight but were all thrown back and
    then Michael spoke a spell from nowhere and the life stealer
    screamed and vanished suddenly. Michael started to talk
    and said to get rid of this who steal life you must destroy
    it's nest, its temple it's ground of worship , not asking how
    he knows this you all followed his instruction
    and then Michael said thank you now I may rest
    in peace I lured you here to confront this evil and now it's
    gone from this realm we all be peaceful. And then Michael
    fell into a deep sleep, you all took him to your
    accommodations in the village and had a well earned rest
    but your sleep was uneasy by the through of reencountering
    this vampire type demon.


    In this world you are more powerful than you ever have been,
    it was night time and getting colder by the minute you start
    a fire to warm up instead of a controllable fire you
    created an inferno, the fire started to spread all around you.
    Nothing but another spell would squash this massive disaster,
    so Michael started a chant he realized your powers where
    exaggerated so he created a simple rain spell then a monsoon started to quenched the fire

    which he simply waved away and the pouring rain stopped
    and a rainbow can be found in the distance.
    You found it hard to sleep that night for the possibilities
    are endless and to sleep seems to waste time, nevertheless
    while in the forest a couple of you kept watch while the rest
    as morning came you cannot help to see what would happen to
    some of your power and can't wait to test them, but nothing
    your power was the same as always, you pondered what happened
    to all that power you had last night

    small to big
    you transported to a land where little men and women lived
    same size as a hobbit but with no hairy feet, they were
    nice and invites you to their town. were they were having
    a celebration and you all join in the party drinking and
    eating and dancing to these sweet tunes. In the distance seems
    a wisp of smoke in the mountain then it's coming closer then
    the party stopped all of the sudden one said "No it can't be
    a dragons"

    Then many of these creatures jumped on each others back and suddenly
    they morphed into these geomantic men made of rock ,
    you were shocked and yet amused at this anyway you thought that
    a couple of these gigantic rock creatures could surely
    stop a dragon in it's tracks.

    In the very beginning of time their was nothing but space, by chance within the span of time,
    beings appeared, colossal in size
    They were called mano, they ruled peacefully their section
    of space , the greatest of all was called the devourer

    Dela was the youngest of all manos, who caught the eye of the
    devourer, as time past they got married.
    But what was not known by anyone was that dela was
    spawned by a mano father and a new entity which became
    her mother known as the Xeeb

    The Xeeb was a being of darkness no one knows how they
    were formed, thought they are not as powerful as a mano,
    however they have a great flaw for being great beauty and
    this caused Jabbu a mano got together by chance with gerabinne a Xeeb,
    they fell in love and so dela was born.
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    The plague

    The people of this realm was celebrating their victory
    against a great oppressor. You were invited to sit down
    by a local warrior

    They were eating a bowls of meat, then one of them soon
    fell down after eating the bowld of meat and was dragged
    to the hospital. However not only one fell, three fell
    after eating the same meat and within 24 hours the other
    three people in the infirmary started to die and then rot,
    in less than 5 minutes then as they opened the corpses to
    see what is wrong a burst of fly like insect came out.
    the other two also burst and flies where everywhere.
    these flies would borrow into a person and leave red spot
    where they entered and these created a monstrous rage in
    the person and started to attack the people outside as they
    get killed their were more flies and every one wasn't safe
    The monstrous effect made them lust for flesh and blood
    who was not effected yet was eaten even they each other
    this plague spread and no one could stop it,
    the serapath fought these before and they thought that they
    wiped them out by containing them for they cannot be destroyed
    but a strain which was in a certain animal which is now popular
    food for some people of the different sectors of the universe has
    a undetectable strain of this plague.

    The plague strain became more dangerous by the
    introduction of a plant from a distant realm which
    bio fused itself to many other plants making new plant types and it so happened these animals which contain these potential plague ate the new plants which grew like a weed for it had no predators to stop it . the animals dna. was change in eating the plants and the plague grew exponentially as it received the plants nutrients and became as new strain, somehow it is a form of larvae in the meat of the animal which turns to a new kind of insect a cross of a fly and the size of a mosquito which was awaiting the bodies of people to spread by not by contact but eating of it's flesh. Which these people was doing as a part of their celebration, with a new strain different from the first plague thanks to the alien plants genes are now spreading from flesh and mutating it is new biological threat to everyone.

    The Body Snatchers

    Where old souls from the deepest caverns and the most
    oldest of all race, they live to destroy and to reeked
    havoc, they are spirits which has agendas to stealing
    life and they ruled when there was still darkness in
    the world where chaos ruled.

    They may enter a body by touch and if in desperate hours
    they may leave a body behind and enter an unwilling host,
    these needs special circumstances like if the host body
    was near death or the body was able to gain control and
    orces themselves out

    the Serapath

    An race which helped create the universe, their knowledge is as far as the ancient is although they are not as old as they are nor are their power as great as the ancient and there is one more power to consider the very last of the universes creator the tori
    They are called the three, not much has been known about the mano and their ways but the serapaths created large depository of their race their background and their power
    They say certain people are able to gain power from these depositories they just have to uncover the truth behind each writing if deciphered they will be given what is stored inside. not only that they may even find out what had happened in the past and how it affected the present.
    Their was a plague which nearly destroyed everything in every realm they were able to contain it in a box of infinite size the power output to held these plague was large and many had to sacrifice their bodies to make a collective of infinite power, to stop this plague from mutating and become unstoppable
    The serapaths are now in the lands which their ancestry came, now they are in the higher plains where the knoxx was said to be.


    In the beginning their was three race the knoxx the ancients
    and the janus

    They lived peacefully enough, but there was a yearly
    competition which was a way of avoiding war between the
    three factors of power.

    The eldest and most noble are the knoxx they were one of
    the first beings who grew settlements and advanced as time
    past. But it was law that they did not pass their
    knowledge outside their kind. And they flourished as a race.

    The ancients are the next eldest settlements known at the time
    they tend to be more adventurous and power came to them
    without trying, they were gifted, and they were advancing
    leaps and bounds more than any other race at the time,
    they would trade powers and knowledge with those unsettled
    races around at the time and gain a lot by sharing and
    receiving wisdom from other life forms, they were the most
    intelligent race of all.

    The janus is a warrior clan they fine tuned their arts and
    they learned differently, they found that they can pass on
    knowledge from one generation to another by touch alone
    building a wealth of knowledge to compete with the ancient
    and they also had more offspring’s than the rest their
    empire were three times bigger than the ancients

    Knowing this, their small rivalry made trust between the
    two race impossible and they were left to learn things
    the hard way.

    Throughout time heroes from each were decorated and
    worshiped by each race.

    And then time came when these competitions were not enough
    The janus being last mostly in magical ability grew tired,
    and wanted more power they had the numbers and used it to
    make a war with the ancients.

    The ancients pride alone in their ability saw to it that
    they did not ask help from the knoxx, and although the
    janus asked the knoxx for aid,the knoxx were smart enough
    not to get involve they decreed that we are not enemies
    to either race but if you take any actions against us we
    will have no choice but to wipe both races out of

    The janus suffered many lost their population shrank
    by half, just by the first wave of attack from the ancients,
    the janus were losing, and they cannot held out much
    longer till, the leader of the janus had a plan, he used
    the ancients who they captured as a way to end the war,
    under the janus control they made it that the ancients
    were planning to take over the knoxx by attacking the
    knoxx directly and making it that it was the ancients
    who attacked them.

    The very next day both the ancients and the Janus were
    summoned, to knoxx territory and were told to seized their
    fighting or both shall be held accountable. The ancients
    stopped at once but the janus leader took it to far and
    the fighting continued, you see the janus took bunch of
    priest of the ancients order and slit their throats.

    Disobeying the knoxx was a grave mistake they sent their
    best and wiped out both the ancients and the Janus who was
    baring arms at the time, there was heavy losses especially
    by the Janus by the end their were only hundreds of
    thousands left mostly women and children. When their were
    200 million janus who used to be alive and over 3 million
    ancients loss their life from the slaughter ordered by the
    knoxx , At last there was peace.

    How three became four

    The Janus were said to have inter procreate with the
    unsettled masses and mixing their blood they suddenly
    loss certain traits like how they passed knowledge from
    one generation to another and how they were formidable warriors with great bodies able to endure a rough life, as this happened they grew again in massive populations of over a billion and their were those who kept to the pure blood lines which was mere hundreds now and the one tainted who they called the vorlex., mixed blood in their language.

    The fourth race was called the vorlex and these are the ancestors of the humans today.
    It was millennia after the vorlex came when the ancients produce an offspring known as the serapath. And the knoxx also produced an offspring now known as the mano a few years after the vorlex came to existence. But these weren’t produced by birth but
    truth about the three kings

    The truth about the three kings
    At the time the only settlements known was chiledman the city of the knoxx
    This town flourished and an elder sat as master of all and to either side of him is his brothers, who govern the entire city.
    It was said they had divine powers and was loved by everyone of its people
    They were said to have mastered skills beyond the powers of gods.
    The brother to the left perused the tree of knowledge and never returned
    The bother to the right seek for the fountain of gods to live forever and never returned
    The brother who held the throne seek for nothing only to serve his people
    Tales say the brother found the tree of knowledge and ate at it and due to this, his greed took over himself and he used all his power to hide the tree from anyone who seeks it keeping all knowledge to himself till today. And fable tell that the brother who seeks the fountain of gods now lives to protect the fountain from anyone drinking from it living forever in servitude for it’s the side affect of such magic
    Some say these are just fairy tales and that they are used to teach people lessons of what too much power will do to you. For they say the one who humbly serve the masses lived a fulfilled life till it was his end..
    But the man said the truth is each was true in a sense the one who seek for the fountain of gods was granted eternal life and youth, and now he is the keeper of the fountain, the undying lands was created by him after roaming the lands and not finding peace, he set out to create a place of peace for those worthy due to their bravery and sacrifice.
    However the one who seek knowledge, was given the highest knowledge of a dragon and that is what became of him , he is the eternal dragon..
    While the brother who ruled stayed and sharpen his skills till today he still rules as the leader of the knoxx, he has done this by asking for a sacrifice, he leaves his old body and into a new body sacrificed to assure his reign will be forever.
    ath to ending

    Knoxx Outcast
    You come to a world with no technology what's worst your orb of power shattered into four pieces this happened instantly and as it shattered the blast blinded Alex, you try to heal but was kind of successful, still not be able to see ,but as time goes by you try to make a food for you and your party, you deduce while eating you wouldn't find anything here for it's desolate and most of the people you saw was either some sort of pilgrim or nomads so you decide to leave this realm without the use of an orbs you decided to go Michael opened a portal but the portal won't form then Michael tried again with no success Lucas and Catherine tried as well but nothing it seems this realm has trapped you their, this must be why the orb of power shattered.
    You had no choice but to seek out a healer in the place, everyone said to go to the cave like dwelling where you will find a women who deals with healing and all sorts of magic we keep our children away for she is a powerful person we had no rain for a while and we were all starving and with her elixirs she poured on a nit of ground and within minutes spourts were growing and many kinds of plants grew within two days we had plenty we were grateful and another thing is the daughter of the king was sick and no one knew what to do as a desperate measure we seek her out and she cure her without much trouble she made her drink a flower which she boiled down. We are very grateful but many more are afraid how does she know to cure the princesses within a couple of minutes, they are afraid of her power.
    But all we can say is that she's a nice old lady, she maybe able to help you
    She said hello who's their , you replied and said we have someone who is injured
    She says quickly come in she looks at Alex and now you should be careful with orbs there are many shattered pieces in your eyes well get rid of that with one willow water and well heal it with some of my plants roots. What shattered that is in a form of an orb, you quickly say please can you look at our orb it split into four pieces we don't know why it shattered, she said you transported yourself here with this yes well you can't have anything that will transport you anywhere for they who are called the knoxx uses this realm for trapping people who done a criminal act. I myself was a great scientist who worked on a cure for the plague which was rampant I tried with my elixir and instead of killing it mutated as a strain that was more potent, killing many who was not knoxx, for we knoxx cannot be affected by disease and virus we have immune systems which cannot be touched but many other who lived with them haven't got any immunity unlike the knoxx especially the serapaths who was susceptible the knoxx soon figure out how to destroy this strain which cause anyone who breaths to be infected, I was imprisoned for years then , I heard they destroyed it by synthesizing their immune system and made an elixir which nullified this virus.
    As soon as they destroyed the virus they left the lands they occupied, why they don't know but they left for the undying lands. Anyway getting back till today no one can make a portal out of this realm but with this orb power I may be able to leave with you if I fix this, please I have done nothing but tried to help .please I need to be freed. You all agree to take her with you, I maybe the last of the knoxx for I've have been exiled here for a millennia or even more
    The only problem is I will need a couple of things to change the frequency of this orb to leave this place, a flower which only lies on the hilltop mt hajimeya it is protected by a mist guardian which makes it hard to find the way to the main gates of the garden and a blood pool water which lies in the well in the middle of the garden, however in the garden lives a man-eater demon which hides in the shadows and only comes out to feed on travelers who are weak.

    The Saint Beast
    Saint Beast
    The knoxx learnt to create life they mastered death and were at the height of their power when they decided to live in seclusion , the ancients a race to develop only a couple of years after the the knoxx developed their talents were always competing with the knoxx
    They offered to share their knowledge with the knoxx when they were just developing as a race but the knoxx refused and since then a rivalry became known. There was a third race the janus who had potentials if only the ancient didn’t look down on them for they were slow to develop magical prowless although they were to develop at the same time as the ancients. They had also an advantage over the ancient in breeding for they out numbered the ancients populist by three fold by the height of power of all three.

    The knoxx success in creating a new life flamed a jealousy from the ancients and since then tried with minimal success to create a life like the knoxx had created.
    They even tried unknown magic and failed. They had enough the ancients used their elite men to steal the recipes to creating life

    it was easy enough for the knoxx kept their knowledge within everyone of their people, even their young knew the basics of wealth of knowledge the knoxx had.
    They took several men from a knoxx village, they told them what each knew and enough was gathered to perform creation of a being.

    But it wasn’t perfect, for the men didn’t reveal all that they knew even with their lives threaten.

    The knoxx found out what the ancients had done but did nothing, there only concern was the safety of their kind.

    With enough time the ancients perfected the creation of life only they puoured their malice and their hunger for power in this being. And later became out of control killing several of the ancients most prominent elders absorbing their knowledge and power and was later known as the rune’s or saint beast and it was aid to have later came for some of the knoxx leaders and had succeeded in absorbing their knowledge making it a danger so the knoxx created a lair in the city known as baulker’s rock where it the saint beast was banished to, and is now gathering grounds for beast known as malciour .who are savage and very cunning killers who eats flesh even their own..

    Now that the knoxx came in seclusion the throne of power was handed down to the ancients and they stride to become known as the greatest beings of the universe.
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    The purity of power

    Power can be summed up to many facets and heirachy

    The most powerfull of them ever was the knoxx and their society is filled with these facets of power, the main belief is that in a past life if you did something bad you would lose power or what is called purity and as your line intermingle with others through genetics you gain certain powers in every one of your life span

    For example if you were bless enough to be born between a pure water elemental to a wind elemental you would have both powers or a combo like ice and depending on the purity of your bloodlines it gets it’s strength from and mixture of two different powers may come up withmany variations in powers

    The main powers known to many is known as elemental power spiritual power body power and psychic power then there are those rare such as power of light power of dark
    The giver of life (creation)and the end of life (destruction) and the flow of life (change)
    There are many more but it would be too long to list.

    Then the second rule what you were before you would be attracted to it forexample if you are of water you would be drawn to healing people depending on your bloodlines purity
    Or experience if you were a cop five times in your previous life you would be drawn to this profession.

    Then there is what we call the innocents depending on the purity and magnitude the purer the power, these pople are like marters and prophets who made a difference in a past life.

    The purer they are the more capacity in power and they can be used as a kind of battery to boost once power, but after an evil act they will loose their use and no matter how pure they were once wrong act can undo many life time of goodness. Being pure gives you godly powers what they call unlimited.

    Then there are those who has both innocence and blood in their hands these are what they call defenders they never loose their capability to be innocent for they were made to
    Defend others usually someone who give up their life for their country and fellow man

    Then there are wha
    THE ONE foran
    a flock of lizard men were trying to capture an eagle in flight, you watch then you see that the eagle turned into a formidable women, and not that far behind her were eight lizard men who was ready to fight to capture her who they called the one, they 0keeped shouting don’t let the one escape, you all started to run after the lizard men determine to fight and save this poor women from them , fight and see who is victorious

    After you kill more than 5 of their comrades they were ordered to retreat , scavenge and add all possession as found , the women who they called the one , thanks you and tells you of her faith, you see she has been haunted by many because of her powers and she trusted you would not betray her trust, she ids able to replicate herself to as many people as she wants and her newly acquired power of shape shifting gave her a way of escaping instead of fighting for her life always. After much talk of your quest and everything that had happened to most of you she says, for saving her life she will teach one of you this unusual gift and another the power to shape shift if you are interested all she ask in return is if she can join you on your quest and maybe find a home somewhere else for she has no power to make a portal to other realms like you.
    Do you accept this proposal?

    Re: Destruction of Tori (unfinished)

    Demons and Monsters

    as you know the knoxx created the mano as close to perfection as possible, and as they left the realms in seclusion
    The mano seeks them out, as humans seek to see their creators. but in absence they have seek to
    Become the creator themselves, surely it wasn't impossible, but in their immaturity they wanted to create an
    Even more perfect being and that is where they experimented giving strength and speed to their creations
    but to gain such attributes they partook changes in complexions to having scales or gills to be adapt to the harsh conditions of the lands.

    Many different types of beings were created from the animals which the knoxx created, they took it to a new level where those to be in the ocean grew gills and fins
    to those that fly grew wings to those granted the gift speed and to those who had great strength these four attributes were used on beings and each had defenses such as hard shell like bodies to sleek fast furs to wings as big as dragons and those who carry venom or toxins as defenses.

    Eons of time past they breed between each other and many different types of creatures came to life, which are now classified as demons or monsters
    Who have adapted to their environments, from four expanded to thousands of breeds of life. All thanks to the arrogance of their creators, the Mano

    the nameless ones

    the knoxx at it's high in society was intrigued by remains of a society that was even more advance than they are
    if that was possible. they deciphered much and learned that they used their wisdom to create a way of drawing power
    from one being to another or what the knoxx can translate as sharing powers to strengthen a the next generations
    till everyone reaches a plateau in magic that’s is limitless.

    the knoxx further transcribed info on these peoples destruction a hollow which took all magic this sharing of power attracted a being from another realm,
    which bathes in unlimited power, and then later these people learned a new way of magic known as science and as unstable as science is this is what destroyed them
    for they neglected the lands and seas till the planet could no longer hold life. they multiplied and they just exhausted the resources they had.

    it is rumored the nameless ones are still living within the society today and now the knoxx hunts for them by testing their bloodlines for a trace of the nameless ones genes
    it is written that they had powers to shift and are hiding themselves for they were marked on the body and face by the last days of their world when the containments touch their skins
    but not long they inter breed with others, as they dispersed themselves to other realms.


    Tear drops of a flower
    everyone has herd that in the past their was a great waterfalls that hid a secret village
    this is where ur magic is weakens for the flowers that grows in this village

    they call it the crying flower which if conditions are right the flower will give a single tear drop

    more valuable than any gold for it has the power to nullify all magic

    the first person to see such a flower was so ambitious enought to smuggle it out of that village.

    not knowing with this great power came a dark side

    it is the destiny of the flower tobe know world wide and realm after realm learned of it's power and wanted to posses it

    the flower grew like a weed spreading all over the lands and took root near water supplies

    and as the red moonlight released it's tears many collected it and sold it over the realm once called dramon

    what they later found was their magical powers were slowly weakening, and only after countless investigation did they found that when the roots take hold it takes all magic in the land air and water to create such a powerfull defence against magic.

    a bann was made from exporting these flowers over other realms and it's eradication was imminent but greed took hold in dramon and now many more people have lost their magic
    by contact with the lands and drinking the contaminated waters.

    it is now classified as a forbidden material in alchemy till this day.

    Re: Destruction of Tori (unfinished)
    soul connection

    manys say that the light is a tunnel for your soul to leave your body and these worlds coexist with the one of the living but in a thin layer where they with enought experience or rage can flitter between these plains
    and thus cause experience or bonds between a person and the expired can affect each others existence.

    prayer can be derived and use as emotional conduit between the dead and those living and the longer they are in this world depends on a person thoughts and prayer any which may linger on.


    star triangle

    the nameless ones used these to teleport objects alive and not to another spot in universe
    it took only one to shift up to perons weight to one quadrient of a realm but more magical users are needed to
    creat a star triangle big enought to send things realm to realm maximum caster of four is all
    thats is required to make enought enrgy to get from an alpha qudrient to a zeta quadraint of a realm toanother
    anyone can transport matter bt living creatures are harder to transport for the output and coumpound in living matter

    this is done by using any sort of matter to make a star triangle diffrent designs gives difrent output of energy
    then a chant is said to detrmine where the star is to appear in the other end

    these designs are everywhere in the main surface of tori where reminants of startraingles are left and has been colected for study by the first kings themselfs of the of tori


    an ancient alchemy knowns to many as phoenix flames this was acomplished by the nameless ones as an alchemic way of making newer substance for the heat is higher than any types of fire there is including the black flames of matsu

    the black flames of matsu is a magical fire set by using blood to creat the fire it is notpossible to extinguish by anymeans but blood itself.not much is known about this for these matsu are a part of the nameless ones past or maybe there ancestors

    ragmarock is same composition only it is said to be un extinguishable only another alchemic potion can extingish it known as living rock

    living rock is a composite of the same material used in making a human being its same quantitys only it has been crystalised and only this will extinguish magmarock
    magma rock is said to be from a phoenix flames which has been cursed for it requires both a blood of hydra and a black dragons egg and water, yes water to make unextinguishable fire

    there is a curiosity about this fire,one cure for these fires once put out is to soak your burn flesh ocean water if you are lucky enought to only make contact for these flames dont like flesh it will devistate everything but will only dehydrate the flersh of some moisture
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    Re: Destruction of Tori (unfinished)
    suplemental spells

    stone guard

    thiis is a powerfull spell where a caster sets out these stones of power which collects eath matrial around it spining within a circlural orb around the caster
    these rocks has fere will and will target any living item it deems an enemy for these rocks are alive and knows who the owner constantly travels with
    these rocks reflects its casters magic, it can harness great amounts of elements such as fire and water to dispell onto foes and can also explode in impact
    if the caster will it.

    these are usually into 8 orbs and usefull if you have many enemys in one time and if need be it can be used as teleportation tool by hurling oner orb away from the enemys sight and then exchaning places with the casters body
    and if all eight orb returns to it s owner he or she may utilise these to teleport to anunknown sport hundreds of milesa way, the range pof these are inbfinite thus one can leave this ball at a place of safety and use it as a beacon for later use.

    dark containement

    a power only known by the telhreck it is an ungodlly power to hold within a palm of a hand a destiny of a person object or whole cities dpending on the output of magic
    the caster forms a dark shadow around its victim once enclosed or enveloped in darkness he may do many things to it firstly shift them to another realm thus locking them in thse small spaces of pocket realities
    forever trapped, secons is offensive he may will it to hit it with a blast of power and doing damage to things inside the enclose space and lastly the destroyers choice where he wills the shadow away like smoke obliterating anything inside
    not even the divine intervention spell can resurect anything that is destroyed this way for there si notrace left for the spell to work on. but this takes a toll on casters body may even shorten its life if not done properly for the amount of power
    to surge in the field is enourmous and must come from somewhere.


    elixir of life

    the elixir of life know to alchemist as white blood potion is near to imposible to make
    for it requires many people do die and use their body to creat these potions , it is done by enclosing everyone in a tertragram seal
    many ppl have tried this and failed for ppl will always notice their water to be salty and hard to disguise it from ppl.
    feeding the ppl inside the seal with a potion called redtide potion into water supply then its jus a matter of waiting for the ppl inside to rot
    down its instanoeous it liquifys bodies in the area and then its just a matter of invoking a chant to gather all the water the ppl are made of into crystals
    then combine these waters with your own coal to shiphen then drinking the potion till it matures for sveral days

    so many city town was drained this way only was it that the saltyness in the red tide potion was introduiced by the guilds of alchemist,
    since then many have tried to get rid of the saltyness but non has succedded till this day


    shadow and light

    great master wu fei a decendant of the ming dynasty known as the elemental masters
    had a pupil he called light , light was hungry for knowledge and power and he is well known for his sense of justice
    as overseer of the land as he grew to a young man but one night long ago another came to the temple in search of food
    he was a begger boy of about same age as light, he was talented to say the least in theiving only he was caught by light and light tried to apprehend him
    he matched lights movements move for move as master wu fei watched could he be the prophecied child who would be the ying to lights yang
    he stoped light and told him that he will be accepted into the temple and to let him feed for he is hungry, he is welcome guest and will become a pupil

    he was therefore became known as shadow try as he might shadow was better than light in every way he is so talented naturally that all the hard work of light is shodowed by shadows skills
    when the great master died he entrusted the two parts of the ming eyes was given to both light and dark and eah such rule equal lands
    but greed and his form of justice made light bitter and proclaim shadow as nothing but a begger and he was rightfull owner of the eyes of ming and light tried to take the jewell from shadow

    shadow was more skilled and beated light and bitter in defeat he was not seen for centuries his part of the ming eyes was now in shadows possession and the land f;lourished

    now that shadow is about to hand the jewells to his sons fire and daughter ice
    then there was talk that light has grown strong in army enought to oblieterate realms, so many ppl was in fear of him
    and is ruler of many realm and wants to return to his rightfull place this is where the great war of elements came to fruision

    from the begining and every cultures from the knoxx to the ancients have experimented with beast or animals
    for forms of power could be gained frommixing two geneon together the strenghtof rankorn speedof keyak or the indestructable spines of a copper fish
    these beast were given the name trineous or tritaneous as the most ppl say it

    now these beast were priced in wars and times ofdarkness for an armya dnwas welcomed and now in the peacefull time they are feared of and chained and caged as oddities
    there was an area called felsin where they seemed to have gathered for no man could stand the poisonous waste lands these are now home to many of the
    trineous they only seem to attack villages now and then for food and resources some grow viokent and want wars with the population that they are the next step in evolution
    only magic users seem to quiel this idea for they arent perticular about being caged or killed.

    some breed in within their own to creat a more powerfull creature the most powerfull one ever known was a gorgenite as it call itself it is immune to many magic spells and weapons only the ragmarock flames can seem to stop this beast for it isnt made of flesh
    but the reminants ofmany species of trineous.

    diffusion wave

    most destructive of all dfensive magics

    it envelopes ones self with a pulse from the casters whole body
    and as it is released it is diffused to infinate waves of power
    able to pass throught all object and eradiacting aything that is solid
    this is dangerous cause only the caster may survive for the blast radius e
    is at all side not only solid objects to a degree
    this is determine by the amount of magic inputed into the spell

    it is classified as defensive magic even thought its offensive capability due to the
    casters judgement as a last result for its unsatble and wil leave nothing in sight.