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    In the World, Not of the World
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    From dawn to dusk, sit and stare,
    So bored that I might pull out my hair,
    But now that the sun is set,
    Nocturnal tendencies? you bet...

    But don't get it wrong, don't get it twisted,
    This is a party army, and I've just enlisted,
    So if you're down low, feeling slow,
    Come with me and get ready to go...

    Because I promise 'for tonight is over,
    I'ma get lucky like four leafed clover,
    And the beat is hot, the bass is thumpin',
    From LA to NYC, I got them all jumpin'...

    And now you're feeling the beat,
    Moving like you got two right feet,
    While I'm feeling them grooves, while I'm rocking these moves,
    And when I shake my hips like this your daddy disapproves...

    Oh yeah, alright, oh year, it's all right,
    Hit the streets, it's going down tonight,
    Forget the club and ditch the blow,
    For this white boy's face melting flow...

    If punks shows up, then give'm a glass,
    And if they persist to bitch, kick their ass,
    Nobody is pissing on this parade,
    Bass drop like bombs in an air raid...

    Line it up on a buffet, music like a fine cuisine,
    Forgive me it's cliche, But you'll know what I mean,
    When I speak life into these words,
    We're high in the air like a flock of birds...

    Dusk to dawn, blaring music so loud the deaf hear it,
    A generation so wild the world best be fearing it,
    Echo boom, spreading chaos like Dr. Doom,
    Something so mad that it can't be kept in a room...

    Oh yeah, alright, oh yeah, it's all right,
    All-in-all we're sure to fall, but for tonight,
    It's a free-for-all, party hard, stand tall,
    So lift your fist, party on, f*ck'm all!