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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Blown away almost in tears
    As morning slowly nears
    I think and wonder to my self
    As I worry about a sisters health

    I think of the past
    About a particular relationship that didn't last
    Still that love is forever in my heart
    No matter how far we are apart

    I wish people could stay
    Instead of running away
    Deep inside I feel deserted in many ways
    Living in the past never pays

    My father I have not seen in 14 years
    As he destroyed himself with drugs and many beers
    My Uncle Mike was like a father to me
    Yet he slowly went away like he drifted off to sea

    Friends seem to come and go
    For many years I sadly know
    Then I realized how people can be
    Heartless, careless and selfish to a degree

    So here I am again all alone
    No I really can't handle talking on the phone
    Emotionally I am a mess
    To you my readers I confess

    Yet the world will never understand
    Forever they will constantly demand
    I rather hide in the world of fantasy
    As I ponder what could be

    Potential is a word that has a blade
    That can kill and damage on a blind crusade
    Often in use and should not be
    Does not guarantee anything, can't you see?