To you Aunt Beverly

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    I may not know you
    And you may not know me
    Those stories our family told me are true
    You are greedy as could be

    Though you are a person
    In a different version
    With a heart and soul
    Suffering as cancer has taken it's toll

    Do you pray for forgiveness for the things you have done?
    As actions hurt like being shot by a loaded gun
    It's a shame we never got to know each other
    Related but strangers to one another

    I hope your pain goes away as you pass soon
    As I was given the news earlier this afternoon
    I'm sure you are thinking about your life
    Your husband and when you became his wife

    Most of the family avoided you for many years
    As you denied and did not take care of those health fears
    You will learn a lot about me as you will watch over us when you die
    From a different angle in the sky

    I can't visit you or say good bye to you face to face
    Others in the family believe it is a waste of time and not my place
    Yet the poet See's what most don't see
    An hears what most cannot hear mysteriously

    Though I wish to talk to you when your spirit lingers
    To feel your energy with my fingers
    See you with my own eyes
    Then you get to know me more than you will ever realize

    Still right now you don't know me
    You are getting a dedication story as I think methodically
    I wonder who is next to pass as health issues seem to dominate
    Cancer seems popular though not my fate