To my nephew

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    As a mere child you are today
    You are going to grow up someday
    Questions you will ask
    The key is to answer them with honesty, that's a task

    You know I want to be there for you
    Watch over you and be forever true
    Stephen you are a angel with wings
    Bringing such joy, life and many things

    As I look into your eyes
    I can realize
    Life might be hard and it may be rough
    Just want you to know I'm going to help you with all this stuff

    I don't want you to face the world alone
    Believe me many times I felt that way, truth be known
    What ever you may be when you are a man
    Always have confidence in yourself, just do the best you can

    Right now you may not speak
    I know there is so much in this world you wish to seek
    May you read this story one day
    Understand what I have said and what I needed to say

    With family by your side
    Love you will feel endlessly on the inside
    You are a bulb of light that should never touch the ground
    As long as you have us around

    May you sleep well tonight
    Your future is like the sun that's shinning bright
    As I hold your little hand and slowly let go
    I'm here for you and I hope you always know