Tired of Waiting For You...

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    Not where I wanna be
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    The minute hand chases the second,
    It wouldn't take so long, so I reckoned,
    Boy, was I wrong,
    So I sung a song...

    About rose petals on a bed,
    Images of you dance in my head,
    Hands up my back is what I lack,
    So tired of waiting, as a matter of fact...

    A burning on my flesh,
    Where your head should rest,
    But this is just taking too long,
    Come back to where you belong...

    Vices that I verse and visa versa,
    I love you more in every single verse,
    A curse that gets worse as I wait,
    For what I guess I could call a soul mate...

    At this rate, hurry up and wait, one day at a time,
    As empty as it can get, you come back and I'm fine,
    Again, I'm fine, I can't breathe again,
    Defend you, I depend on you in the end,

    And I intend to ascend into the wind and sky,
    Then attend on your end, my friend, you and I,
    Simple as that, simple as it was, a sip on reality to kill my buzz,
    There's still a few more months to wait but not as long as it was...

    Angel baby, baby girl, my one and only,
    I hope you can help yourself not be lonely,
    Backtrack to a time in the past until future presents itself in the present,
    To an extent, I can't wait to hear your accent and smell your sent...

    But that's just the way it is, the way it goes, everyone knows,
    When I'm with you time just slows, as we're in the throws,
    A wink and a cuddle later, it's been a week that I've waited here,
    But now I'm rambling dear, stuff only you want to hear...

    Second hand has caught the minute,
    Kind of ironic, isn't it,
    That it won't be long, after I sung this song,
    That I will be right back where I actually belong...