Tiny Bag of Hope...

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    Just as the rose dies and wilts, so have I,
    In the embrace of a bitter winter, I die,
    Bright red petals give way to dull brown,
    And once love now falls ever down...

    But there is something the cold can never touch,
    This little bag of hope, though there isn't much,
    Is warm and ne'er to be opened for anyone but you,
    And I know that it will always see me through...

    A warm embrace and soft lips on mine,
    It's all I can do to keep it off my mind,
    And though it may hurt, it hurts just right,
    It gives me a reason to wake up and fight...

    A lost, free soul on a wild, rogue wind,
    I don't know what's just round the bend,
    But I embrace the new day with glee,
    Every day brings you another step to me...

    Because if I die, before you wake,
    Heaven, my soul shall surely take,
    And there on clouds, among the faithful,
    I will surely, once again finally see my angel...

    So now I wait, for joy or death,
    One comes closer with each breath,
    So sing your song of forlorn love,
    Of despair and regret or lack thereof...

    Either way, I'll be here like the moon in the night,
    Wax and wane, with a love so big and bright,
    Find your way home, to wherever your heart doth desire,
    And find the path that will lead you ever higher...

    Because the higher you go, the closer you come,
    To the heaven so high and the music that I strum,
    To the boy who waited, who never became jaded,
    And a tiny bag of hope and a love that never faded...