Times of Doubt...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    I fashion this cross so willingly,
    This drive within, that I feel in me,
    It pushes me every step of the way,
    Because I know I'll die if I stay...

    I'd open my eyes but I'm too exhausted to see,
    But you still haven't seen the best of me,
    Spent twenty years getting here to begin,
    And I'll another twenty to start over again...

    Until my reflection doesn't recognize me in the mirror,
    I know others have failed you, but they're all inferior,
    That fire in your bones, hot coals on your soul,
    Smoke from an open throat, the heat consumes whole...

    It takes over me, the way it took over you,
    Peel back the mask and watch light shine through,
    Bones breaking just to reach ever upward,
    This is a battle of heart, not iron and sword...

    The soul is always ready, but flesh is weak,
    So drag this cross of burden up to the peak,
    Have you willingly drive nails deep into me so unrelenting,
    But I'd rather take the nails than spend my time remembering...

    You can't silence this voice,
    Say that like I even have a choice,
    The only way to beat you is not to play your game,
    I'll just wait, and write, and love you all the same...