This state of mind

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I am not what I used to be
    No longer seeing what I used to see
    Just hanging on for another day
    As a little more of me slips away

    My heart has hole deep inside
    Confidence is shattered that is insane to hide
    I wallow in the darkness giving up on seeing the light
    As things lurk and linger the future I'm losing sight

    Forever strong and I must carry on my way
    Even as many refuse to stay
    Sedation will keep my mind from reality
    For it is eternally dangerous to see with clarity

    When is the next race?
    The ultimate motivator of my existence and yes it is the case
    Those miles are therapy
    For many things that are effecting me

    I want to do so much
    Yet mentally I am losing touch
    What am I supposed to be?
    Having no clue as I distance myself from society

    I know I am a soul the world refuses to save
    As I am in hiding in my own cave