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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Common sense must not exist
    Is it just a fantasy with a foggy mist?
    Many spend and spend cannot save, I do not understand
    Having a empty fridge but wanting to travel across the land

    Priorities are all out of whack
    Intelligence many lack
    There is such thing as tomorrow
    Is that the day many are broke and tend to borrow?

    I have my doubts with many who live here
    Thinking they are perfect and will live forever with no fear
    Even I in my own world of fantasy I find this strangely moronic
    My only weakness is alcohol, though I rarely order gin and tonic

    A mix drink here and another one there
    As I consume them all with no care
    Besides that I hide and save money like a rat
    Though I may buy a new hat

    As the rest of the world is wanting to buy the next new thing
    Maybe a car, computer, i-pad and maybe a diamond ring?
    What happened to keeping things simple as the essentials?
    Seems many lack that common knowledge and credentials

    What about the poor, sickly and old?
    Do we forget about them and leave them out in the cold?
    Questions to wonder yet a result is rare
    One person has the idea, the rest are unaware