They Are Coming.

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    This is a quick little bit I wrote down one day last year after school when I was feeling a bit dark and negative. I have no intentions of making anything out of it (I'm working on my other story), but I re-discovered it in the many files stored in my computer. Its needs a little editting on sentence structure, maybe I will get around to that sometime. Comments appreciated. :)


    They are coming.

    I hear the darkness of the night, coming towards me. I hear the shadows creeping slowly in stealth. They want to find me yet they do not. They cannot see me, nor hear me, nor sense me. Fore I am hidden in the obvious, ordinary air. Long have they tried to convince me, to force me. But I gather just enough strength from the mind to ignore. They blindly pass over me, time through time rapidly searching. Now they are at full strength, able to do much of what most cannot.

    As they approach, the constant beat of the drums shatter my heart and inflame my anger. A loud beat, which one could never describe or fully imagine. It is failing to cease the continuous cry, the hurt. It slowly gets louder every moment of time, while they approach quicker and in more silence than ever before. Motionless they float forwards, yet still retreating backwards, away from a larger source.

    I cannot imagine the pain they experience. It is a heart, burning silently among others disguised in a rich pain which none can bear. These foul souls still do not realize why. Why they do wrong, and why I cannot be like them. But sent from someone who even they fear, we yet are to come to terms with this lord of terror. The One’s orders are to find me, and the elite few who still exist, spread aimlessly about. Our blood is strong, and we strike fear within his servants. But not he. The One is, and has always been. Our blood, magnificent as it is, can only dent him. Yet, even the smallest dent, can cause the explosion of such magnitude, that he will fall. That is why he searches ever so anxiously for us. He knows our power united can be his Armageddon, his doom. His workers fear him so much that they serve him, eternities never finding end, are just afraid of us, as we are of them. For they themselves, are elements of evil. They are the soul powers of trouble, and bother this world for sick humour. And my fear of them runs deep. For none of my kin, nor any other, have faced the One who the dark shadows serve in fear. So to us, we have not met any greater evil than the shadow. They scare us beyond our measly wits, and we suffer harshly, yet never dying, making the torment forever.

    The beats of the drum are coming closer, and beginning to make me shiver cruel thoughts. Even though they cannot sense me, they know this is where I dwell. How this is done is beyond my thoughts of philosophy, and to comprehend it would take ages of thought. As always, I am hidden in the very air they inhale. A gift that us elite few possess, making it impossible for the shadows to perceive my presence.

    The madness is entering me now more than ever, as I see them approach in the horizon without a trace of sound, except the wretched drum. It is nearly impossible to hear the thoughts that I think of presently, and soon my mind will be empty....empty from the endless drum , and empty from the energy I must use in order to survive, which my concentration will be focussed on. I see them, in colours of dread. There physical form is more hideous than one can ever portray in thoughts. The only key to imagining this is sight, sight that will scar all for life.

    They are closer now. Almost to close. My mind is beginning to close down, and I can barely endure being here. To be tall and not respond to anything, to think and focus upon one thing without the clutter of other thoughts, and to use the gifts that I was granted is a very detailed glimpse of what I must do. My eyes close themselves, in horror and fear of the shadows, and in shear concentration. My ears stop hearing, deafened by the drum of continuous distress, and to help me find my inner power which is nearly unstoppable. The feeling of touch no longer has its impact, for I discarded it to contribute to my power. I have nearly reached my ultimate.

    They are here now. An inner battle of the most cruel, horrible, and sickening thoughts fight fiercely against my limits. I do not know what shall become of me. My mind starts to haze, and my unknown trance is moments away from deciding who shall win. These are my last thoughts, as I try to do everything within my gift to defeat the shadows. Thoughts are cutting in and out, and memories are retracing their routes out of my sanity. Forever, now will be the outcome unknown, for I have been defeated.