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    Take what was meant for good and turn it inside out,
    Burn it, burn it so black that you leave no doubt,
    Pervert a pure word and corrupt what is holy,
    Watch good king become lowly servant, slowly...

    Use hate, for it will spread like the plague,
    And when you quote, make sure its vague,
    Reserve love for the few, not those without money,
    The milk is for the rich, and only wealthy get honey...

    Why bend a knee when you can be bowed too?
    Heaven's easy when you decide who goes through,
    Pull your strings and watch the crowds sway,
    Conjure false demons, those that you will slay...

    Though your soul resides in the darkness, you proclaim light,
    Even still, it is that very soul that remains tainted with blight,
    Truth would burn your ears and seer your eyes,
    So fill your those ugly holes with pretty lies...

    Complacency towards triumph!
    Accuse the real of wicked defiance,
    Cut out the tongues, lop off their head,
    But there are those that speak for the dead...

    Damn your hypocrisy and let it weigh on you like an anchor,
    Dragging your soul ever downward, rotting you like a cancer,
    Like the disease you are, cure it in the light,
    Because there is a blatant line between wrong and right...

    Forgiveness comes to those who ask,
    But it is in your pride that you bask,
    Glad to be a sheep in the herd while we run with the wolves,
    Bow to the god of cash and so many other golden bulls...

    False idols on the mantle of our father,
    Respect your life choices? Why bother?
    You are the world that you claim to shame,
    There is no difference, just one and the same...

    Nearing the end of your misery,
    Not a footnote in the pages of history,
    You've nothing left in your pockets, empty as your heart,
    And you waited too long, now we wolves will tear you apart...