The words that remain so

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    When I tell her I love her
    I mean it with all my heart
    Lust never will exist or occur
    Sometimes it happens right from the start

    I can see right through you
    As I look in your eyes
    Easily I can tell if what you say is a lie or true
    Hidden in disguise

    I want to believe you
    Because I gave you a piece of my heart
    It is forever yours its true
    If you are playing games then you will tear me apart

    Silence is misery for the thinking man at night
    To hide the answer or how you feel
    Is like stabbing me in the back with a knife tonight
    It's happened enough times that I will never heal

    So every girl I have loved before
    Is still ever so fresh in my mind
    Even if I buy another bottle at the liquor store
    Only temporary peace I will find

    I seem to never move on from my past
    As I continue to wonder so
    About all the what ifs and why things didn't last
    I know I can't let anyone go

    Alone I sit here right now
    Asking myself what could I have done
    To make things better somehow
    Before the rising of the sun

    All I hear is it is not meant to be
    Well neither am I and I am still stuck here
    I was hoping we would work things out eventually
    As I just want someone to hold and be near