The Wizard

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    "The Wizard"

    Thousands of books
    A myriad of spells;
    From numerous tomes,
    Potions and salves.

    The study is cluttered
    The library a mess.
    Sparks from the hearth
    Are a constant risk.

    I can't find my wand
    Or spellbook half the time.
    But when it comes to casting,
    I've a few tricks in mind.

    I don't wear armor
    And can't wield a sword worth a damn.
    My horseback riding is hopeless
    And it's obvious I'm no strongman.

    But don't slight my youth
    Or think me nieve.
    I may be new to the wizarding thing
    But I wasn't born last eve.

    I've learned a thing or two
    From growing up on the street
    I know a lot more than I let on
    About the "betters" I meet.

    I'm not perfect
    And my spells need work.
    An acid splash once got away,
    Acid arrows once went berzerk.

    But don't sell me short,
    Just watch my works.
    Enjoy the benefits.
    Please ignore my quirks.