The Wind...

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    Neon lights illuminate my breath,
    A thousand ways that I feel death,
    Soul frozen over like a lake in December,
    Happiness is blurry memory too hard to remember...

    Try as I might, winter's hold is too strong,
    Can't even picture the sun, it's been too long,
    Snow falls like ashes from a burning sky,
    Blanketing life in beauty, bidding it to die...

    The wind, cutting to my bone,
    Almost like it's all I've ever known,
    In its open arms, I would fall into sleep,
    To never wake, a slumber so deep...

    Pale blue lips mutter a faithless prayer,
    Promptly frozen over by merciless air,
    Searching for solace in hope that has faded,
    But all there is a reflection, oh so jaded...

    A place to finally feel at home,
    To no longer have to roam,
    In search of warmth that was never there,
    Looking for someone out there to finally care...

    The wind, going deep into my soul,
    Widen a gap on that which was never whole,
    Journey no more,
    Step through an icy door...

    The warmth of a thousand morning suns,
    Bringing me back from what cannot be undone,
    Tender touch and simple affection, what you gave me,
    How you will never know, never know how you saved me...

    Feeding me new life through the cracks in my soul,
    Appearing out of the snow, into my heart, made me whole,
    Bringing spring on your heels,
    Her touch is one that heals...
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