The whispering truth

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I'm sick and I know this well
    Never will I be better I can tell
    Because I'm slowly fading away
    As everything thing turns to grey

    Life is slipping through my hands
    In a way only myself truly understands
    I have dedicated 10 years to find a cure
    Or at least something to improve me that's for sure

    As the sun goes up in the sky
    The heat sucks the earth dry
    Summer is still here today
    I know this because my health is still in decay

    Close my eyes and take a step and hope not to fall
    As the many times I have fallen I recall
    The ability to walk and talk I do not take for granted
    At times those abilities are gone, answers I have always demanded

    2 jobs, a runner and a writing career
    Certainly not acting like the end is near
    But I know it will be here someday
    This I know for certain, I'm going to leave this earth one day

    As every day could be my last
    I seem to always dive into my past
    Forever down memory lane
    Not that there is anything to gain

    I force myself to eat and go to the gym
    My next ten years are looking grim
    Still I must march till I die
    This battle will last until my trip to the sky

    There are more medals to be won
    As the accomplishments continue to stack up, my war has only just begun
    I have to keep going people rely on me and I'm the only son
    The boulder that is on my back feels like a ton

    The doctors cannot save me they ran out of thought
    Creative thinking in the 8 years of medical school was not taught
    So the fate is in my hands, it's been there for a while
    Looming over my mind as I run every mile