The truth spilling out

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I don't want love
    There is no one I dream of
    Deep down inside I know not a soul dreams of me
    For I am never in anyone's fantasy

    Retirement sounds dark and gloomy
    But that is life so sue me
    You heard it from my cave
    I will take this to my grave

    The effort I put into someone
    Is not how I treat everyone
    Hoping for true love
    Plus all of the above

    Is worthless like a penny for it does not exist in reality
    With in my soul I blame the people who make up this society
    I feel no pressure no stress
    Emotionally I am in a different type of mess

    Cracking like glass I must confess
    Yet I would not expect anything less
    Still I need to find a balance for my current life style is killing me
    What I keep putting in my body is something few understand and see

    I feel my sanity and I can function to some degree
    For with out it my mind will never be free
    It is for the best I stay sedated in my own ecstasy
    Honesty I feel like a castaway lost at sea